Roses 2016 Preview: Rowing

Last year’s Roses Team of the Year get the tournament underway this weekend. Can they repeat their Ouse heroics on the River Lune?

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The Women’s Senior and Novice Eight crews will compete in Saturday’s events at the River Lune aqueduct. Photo: UYBC


All events at River Lune on Saturday 23rd April

Women’s Senior Four: 10:00
Women’s Novice Four: 10:00
Men’s Senior Eight: 10:00
Men’s Novice Eight: 10:00
Women’s Senior Eight: 12:00
Men’s Senior Four: 12:00
Women’s Novice Eight: 14:30
Men’s Novice Four: 14:30

2015 Results

Men’s Senior Eight: Won
Women’s Senior Eight: Won
Men’s Senior Four: Won
Women’s Senior Four: Won
Men’s Novice Eight: Won
Women’s Novice Eight: Won
Men’s Novice Four: Won
Women’s Novice Four: Won

Points Available: 12

Inside Track: Nick Brightman, Club President

How have the club performed this season?

Influenced by the exciting appointment of our new head coach Trevor McKnight, the club have had a record-breaking season. At BUCS Head, one the biggest events of our season, we had crews placing as high as 4th in the country. This resulted in our highest ever position of 14th in the overall Victor Ludorum and our first ever BUCS point- a feat that is incredibly hard to achieve in Rowing.

What do you expect from Lancaster? 

We badly hurt Lancaster last season by winning all eight races and a damaging 24 points in an event they aim to peak for each season. They were badly affected by flooding this season so we’ve agreed to compete for half of those points this time around but we expect that misfortune to make them even more desperate to win and to prove themselves, especially on home water.

Which individual rowers could stand out?

Rowing is a fairly unique sport in the sense that you could put an Olympian in your boat and it wouldn’t necessarily make it go faster.  The coxes steering the boats will have a huge role to play on Lancaster’s home river though- particularly promising Novice Cox, Ella Wilson, making her debut in the Senior Women’s Four in what is likely to be one of the most closely contested races.

Why should people come and watch the rowing?

Due to a clash with BUCS our event is happening on Saturday 23rd April, so supporters would have the chance to see York take an early lead in the tournament. Spectators would be able to view the gladiatorial side-by-side, one-on-one racing on the scenic River Lune from the Grade I Listed Lune Aqueduct which has a view of the entire 850m course.

Year in a Tweet

The club’s Rainbow Wellies campaign, embedding an LGBTQ-specific policy in their constitution, was highly successful. It was supported by a visit from Annamarie Phelps, Chairman of British Rowing and was mentioned at a recent meeting of the British Rowing Council. It also saw key contributor Alex Ighalo win the Equal Opportunities Award at the Colours Ball.

Nouse Verdict

It has been a stellar year for the club, who won their first BUCS point on the Tyne in February. They picked up five medals at BUCS Indoors, with a Nathaniel Paczek grabbing silver and four of their girls placing in the top ten in the novice event- showing strength in depth. The York Sport Union brought them onto their Focus Sport programme and this has increased the resources available to the Senior Men’s team, captained by Chris Cummings, who have recently returned from a training camp at TSR Vidar rowing club in Tilburg in the Netherlands.

The Boat Club cleaned up on the Ouse last year, winning 24 points for the home cause. Although they will only be competing for half that amount in Lancaster, expect the White Rose to come away with maximum points from the rowing events.

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