TV Review: The Walking Dead – Series 6 Episode 15: ‘East’

The Walking Dead does not shy away from killing off fan favourites, but would they really do it in the penultimate episode of the sixth series? reviews


Image: Gene Page / AMC

Image: Gene Page / AMC

One day, the people of Alexandria will finally realise how dangerous it is outside of their walls. Daryl could have probably done with getting that memo before he ran into Dwight again… His return to the tracks where Denise was killed in ‘Twice as Far’ could be more than a trip down memory lane for him if Dwight has anything to do it. But could Daryl really be dead? Probably not. I bet Glenn has taught him a thing or two about hiding under dumpsters (or you know, some forest-based alternative). In all seriousness, I doubt that they would kill off such a huge character in the penultimate episode of the series, they’ve got to save all of that kind of excitement for the finale. But how are they going to make it so Daryl survives? I mean, we know Dwight is a bad shot, but even at point-blank range I’m sure that he’ll hit his target. He’s not completely useless after all.

Either way, why did Daryl think that hunting down Dwight on his own was a good idea? Last week he saw the large numbers that the Saviours move in and how well armed they are, so even though he’s one of Rick’s strongest allies, he should have known that things wouldn’t have go so well for him. Sure he was upset about Denise’s death and he blames himself for letting Dwight go in the first place, but he was truly being irrational when he refused to go back with the others. He’s always been a bit hot-headed, but you would have thought that he’d have listened to Glenn and Michonne. The Saviours managed to capture Eugene last week, which in all fairness isn’t so remarkable, but now it looks like they’ve caught some big game. Whether Daryl is dead or alive, they’ve now got Rosita, Glenn and Michonne and that’ll be enough to get Rick’s attention.

But they’re not the only people missing beyond the walls. A large part of ‘East’ centred on Morgan and Rick’s search for Carol. This allowed us to experience yet another ‘all life is precious’ preaching session from Morgan and even Rick looks tired of hearing him rattle on. It is such a shame that his return to the show has been so uninspiring. We’ve had a few moral compasses in the past (Dale/Herschel/Tyreese) and look what that did for them. Fans were anticipating Morgan’s return for a long time and now many of us are waiting for the day that something dreadful to happen to him. Even Father Gabriel is becoming more likable that Morgan and that is saying something. Let’s see if the Saviours teach him a thing or two about why people need to die in the post-apocalyptic world.

One of the characters who used to have the right outlook was Carol, but it seems like Morgan’s philosophy has managed to taint her character too. People have always admired Carol’s transformation from the frail and abused mother from series one into the hardened hero that can take out Terminus single-handedly, but it now seems like she’s heading back in the opposite direction. The conflict with the Saviours on the road shows that she’s still capable of incredible feats of badassery, but she is definitely not comfortable with it anymore. Pinpointing the turning point is a little difficult, but the point of no return seemed to be her encounter with Paula and the Saviours. There’s only so much killing that one woman take, I guess? Anyway, let’s just hope that somebody finds her soon and if it’s Morgan, hopefully he keeps his high and mighty world view under wraps.

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