Tent set for rebuild next term

Long term gains and short term pain, discuses the plans for a new Sports Centre Tent


In 2010 the lease on the Sports Centre Tent was extended by six years after a series of consultations with the Council that granted an extension to the existing planning permission.

When the Tent was initially opened in 2005 it was feared that the £800,000 structure was only going to be temporary. This was after it was recommended that the lease be rejected.

In 2016 the Tent is still standing and the hopes of former Sports President Sam Asfahani are finally going to be fulfilled, with the six year lease coming to a close and the new building plans commencing.

This year will see the construction of a new facility for York Sport to replace the tent.

Grace Clarke has talked of plans for a show court, drop down basketball nets, electronic scoreboards, brand new sports club equipment and York Sport Union branding, far better then current facilities available.

To add to this, any sporting individual at York can testify to the cold conditions of the tent so the new hall plans to be heat controlled.

This is all admittedly very beneficial in the long term as current Sports President Grace Clarke gushes “Although it is not ideal that some sports clubs will lose hours of training in the sports tent, the long term result will most definitely be worth it! It is a shame I will not be here for the final completed hall but I am so excited for years to come of fantastic sporting activity!”

However, in the short term the renovation of the York Sport tent is not so favourable for teams who use the current facilities on a regular basis.

Netball, for example, have been offered training on outdoor courts affecting not only training times but opportunities to train at all. Recent weather has seen detrimental effects to other sporting facilities at York and this trend sadly continues.

Harsh conditions will most likely lead to the cancellation of sessions also disturbing the ability of the team to play at its best.

That being said, the project is overall an extremely positive one. It will undeniably elevate sport at York even further and open up greater opportunities for the sporting community after its completion.

It is a shame that the standard of York Sport may suffer in the short term but overall the long term benefits of the renovation of the York Sport Tent take precedence.

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