Team Mates: Jack Brown

60 Seconds with VX’s Jack Brown

Image: Rob McConkey 13/02/16

Image: Rob McConkey 13/02/16

Name: Jack Brown

Role: President

Year: 3rd

Course: MEng Electronic Engineering with Nanotechnology (SW)

The practical joker?

Ørjan and Yi Jing – always causing mayhem in and out of training.

The strongest?

Matt. I wouldn’t want to be on the other end of one of his shots.

A gym rat?

Not sure any of us go to the gym.

The dressing-room DJ?

Ranjeet and his speakers!

The most intelligent?

The engineers in the club, although the mathematicians would argue against that.

The best motivator?

Laura and her northern charm.

The best trainer?

Shaun and Miro, always showing 100 per cent effort.

The worst trainer?

Sadly, me. I’ve been on placement all year so not trained much.

The most hardened drinker?

Matt – it’s as though alcohol has no effect on him.

The biggest lightweight?

Me again. I’m known for ordering pitchers and being the first one drunk.

The longest in the shower?

Definitely Melissa and her endless amount of hair.

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