Editor’s Comment: College Varsity

Image: Fiona Hill

Image: Fiona Hill

One of York’s biggest sporting events has already been and gone. In fact, term two has also come and gone, with three editions of Nouse and a considerable amount of success in sport.

Starting with College Varsity against Durham – we won for the very first time. The whole day ran pretty smoothly, more so than I think any College Sport has ever been run before.

Perhaps it shows potential for the arguably crumbling system, perhaps it is testament to the character of the sporting community at York; it definitely captured the importance of team spirit and support, something

that we shouldn’t forget is prevalent.

In the continual push for inclusivity and equal opportunities it is easy to forget what the university already has. We shouldn’t focus on what is lacking as opposed to celebrating the truly wonderful power of sport and the mentality it creates en masse.

Standing at the sidelines with  friends or sitting at Courtyard with a pint in hand, Varsity highlighted how sport is something everyone can enjoy.

This is also being celebrated at the Colours Ball. It is fitting that Women’s University Football got Team of the Year. They have excelled themselves in more ways than one and exemplify success in every sense of the word.

As has our very own previous Sports Editor Rob Middleton.Now Sports Journalist of the Year,  his passion for sport and dedication to its documentation through Nouse is highly admirable.

Instead of obsessing over tainted sports personalities, why not look to the successes that the Colours Ball promotes?

Roses is next on the sporting calender as York prepares to rally its teams for Lancaster. It promises an extended version of Varsity on a much grander scale.

Hopefully York will also carry over their win from last year’s uncompromising Roses performance, making it a clean sweep in the two major sporting events of the year.

Beevor too is set to make his debut on the sporting stage. If he puts the same level of dedication   and effort into being York Sports President as he did into creating his campaign videos I am sure the handover will go well and sport at York will be in safe hands.

I look forward to seeing how he targets the issues of College Sport and continues to encourage inclusivity.

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