Game Review: We Are The Dwarves

Image: Whale Rock Games

Image: Whale Rock Games

Platform: PC, Mac, Linux
Release Date: 26 February 2016
Developer: Whale Rock Games

We Are The Dwarves is not easy. Not in any way, shape or form. First impressions were my downfall and I started to try and play it as a Diablo-esque combat game. However, thanks to the incredibly tough opponents it quickly becomes clear that We Are The Dwarves is almost more of a puzzle game.

The game focuses on our three intrepid dwarven explorers, each featuring a completely different skillset and way to play. To cut through the huge swathes of complexity the key is to not get hit and each character has their own way of getting by. ‘Forcer’ pushes enemies over edges and keeps them at bay, generally through use of an overly large shotgun. ‘SmashFist’ stun-locks enemies with their dual hand axes and ‘Shadow’ stays out of sight and kills from the… well the shadows.

It is of course significantly more complicated than that with skill trees, suit charging and using them in tandem to crush resistance. I have no doubt that this game is a rabbit hole you could easily lose yourself in. With a really nice aesthetic and some good, if generic music, it’s a well polished experience.

The problem here is that I can’t comment on the length, although I’m assured that it’s got plenty to keep you entertained. However, and whilst it pains me to admit, I have hardly got past the tutorial sections. This game is very difficult. The slightest slip-up seemed to lead to my near immediate death and I sure did slip up. A lot. I’m no stranger to difficult games, I’ve played through the Souls series and plenty of other difficult games. However, after losing for what felt like the billionth time with very little progress I had to put my hands up and admit defeat.

If you like a challenge then I would happily recommend We Are Dwarves. Part puzzle, part combat with plenty of depth and more than enough challenge. It also released at a price of just £10.99 which from what I can tell is more than fair. It’s clearly not for a mass market game but rather one that will quickly develop a cult following.

I saw something on the developer notes about an easy mode being implemented… so I think I’ll just wait for that.

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