Vanbrugh College has highest turnout in YUSU’s Elections

Vanbrugh College had the highest turnout ever for the 2016 YUSU elections

The statistics from the YUSU elections 2016 show that Vanbrugh had the highest voter turnout at 44.5 per cent. This was followed by Derwent at 41 per cent and then James with 39 per cent. However in terms of actual numbers of voters, more people voted from Halifax than Vanbrugh with 838 people voting from Halifax and 835 voting from Vanbrugh.

Image: University of York

Image: University of York

The three colleges with the lowest voter turnout were Wentworth where only 5 per cent voted, Constantine with 23 per cent, and Alcuin which had a turnout of 23.7 per cent. However due to the number of people in each college Alcuin actually had nearly double the number of people voting compared to Constantine with Constantine having 299 voters and Alcuin 592.

In terms of subjects there was a considerable difference between the voter turnouts of those in different departments in the University. The subject area with the highest voter turnout was Social and Political Sciences at 53.5 per cent. History followed closely with 52.5 per cent, and Politics, Economics and Philosophy had the third highest turnout at 51.7 per cent.

The areas with the lowest voter turnout were the Centre for Lifelong Learning with only 0.2 per cent and Postwar Reconstruction and Development which had 1.2 per cent.

There was also a difference between the number of people who voted for the different officer positions. The position with the most votes was Academic Officer which saw Tamaki Laycock win, followed by YUSU President, won by Millie Beach.

York Sport President had the third most votes to put Isaac Beevor in the position, the fourth most voted for position was Student Activities Officer which saw Alex Lusty replace Chris Wall and the fifth most popular position to vote for was Community and Wellbeing Officer in which Dom Smithies won.

Overall in this election 5097 students voted which was slightly up from 2014 in which 5065 people voted.

Ben Leatham, YUSU President, told Nouse: “Ultimately, I’d like to see every student use their vote. Elections offer students a real opportunity to get their voices heard and make changes.

“As a Union, we work hard to represent students, provide opportunities to get involved with a wide range of activities and deliver fantastic venues and services across campus.

“All of this has a direct impact on students and so while the turnout rate is respectable, I’m determined to ensure the organisation doesn’t become complacent. Boosting the rate has to remain a priority for future years.”

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