College Sport safe for another year

The University will continue to fund college sport during 2016/17

Investigations undertaken by Nouse have revealed that the future of College Sport was seriously under risk due to significant opposition from colleges and the Graduate Student Association (GSA) over the increase in the college fee.

Until 2014 College Sport had been funded through a three year one-off grant provided by Sport England, with this year’s being funded by the University. Prior to this YUSU had provided funding for College Sport.

Image: York Sport Union

Image: York Sport Union

However, due to opposition within College JCRCs and the GSA in consultation stages, the proposed increase in the college fee designed to help finance College Sport was in significant doubt.

The University has since stepped in and agreed to another one-off payment for 2016/17 to rectify this situation. As of yet the exact amount of this grant is not known, however, it is likely to cover the cost for 2016/17. It also remains unclear whether this year’s planned increase in the college fee of £5.00 will go ahead.

Commenting on this issue YUSU President Ben Leatham told Nouse, “It is fantastic that the University has listened and agreed to fund College Sport for another year, especially in light of College Sport’s unique offer and York’s success at Varsity.

“College Sport was funded by a three year Sport England grant which came to an end at the end of the last academic year. We have since been trying to establish a sustainable funding plan. College Sport is vital, it’s growing, which is great but it’s expensive to deliver.

“At first, funding direct from the University was not forthcoming so YUSU, along with the University, explored a number of alternative funding options. One of these options was an increase to the college fee.

“This proposal was in its infancy and was intended for student consultation; this consultation told us an increase in the college fee was not the right solution. Over the next year we are going to consult heavily with students and work closely with College representatives to solve the issue of College Sport funding in a sustainable and fair way.”

However, with the potential suspension of the college fee rise for next year, the long term future of College Sport funding still remains in doubt.

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