Teammates: Freya Phillips of Octopush

Freya talks us through the Octopush team in 60 seconds, ahead of their hosting of Nationals this weekend

Name: Freya Phillips
Role: Vice President of Octopush
Year: 2
Course: English and Related Literature

The practical joker?

Tom, because he once tricked Duncan by dressing as a woman.

The strongest?

That’s Richard, probably.

A gym rat?

No one, we don’t go to the gym, we play Octopush.

The dressing-room DJ?

I don’t actually know what this means, does it mean someone who sings? Because no one sings, sorry…

The most intelligent?

Not gonna lie, that’s definitely me. I did very well in my A levels, so…

The best motivator?

Duncan. That’s why he’s our captain.

The best trainer?

Grace probably, not that one can really train at octopush…

The worst trainer?

Definitely Shellby, but to be fair she doesn’t need to because she’s already amazing at octopush.

The most hardened drinker?

That’s a tough one…it would probably have to be Matt.

The longest in the shower?

Probably me…

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