Lacrosse meets dodgeball in York’s VX

VX Tournament comes to York

Image: Rob McConkey 13/02/16

Image: Rob McConkey 13/02/16

University of York VX club is still one of the newest clubs on campus. Only founded in 2013, it has since been ratified and is now heading into its second recognised year. Considering its obscurity, it has come on in leaps and bounds.

Speaking to Miro Plueckbaum, he explained VX as a mix between lacrosse and dodgeball. There are two formats of the game, V 10 and V2, V10 being based as a team sport on a bigger court with five players for each side. There is a greater emphasis on working together, like any team sport, to isolate individuals and score points. V2, however, is only between two people and is considerably more fast paced and consequentlymore static.

Plueckbaum described the sport as being an excellent way to relieve stress, be it because of ‘annoying flatmates’ or any other university ‘tensions’. The 2nd year student at the Fresher’s Fair was clear to establish that once he begun the sport he needed no more incentive.

Treasurer Melissa McKeon also gushed with pride over the club’s growth, expressing her aims to make it into a college sport. Over the last year, UOY VX Club and Falkirk Cannons have been building on their friendship. A positive outcome of this has been the CannonRose Trophy. This event takes place bi-annually, which allows both clubs to pit their players against each other in a friendly competition.

24733410820 6f0a7e850e o Both formats of the sport, V10 (Team) and V2 (Singles), are played throughout the day. Points are awarded for victory in each format. This is a great event and opportunity for UOY VX Club, with the Falkirk Cannons being the most prestigious club in Scotland.
13 February saw UOY host the CannonRose Trophy for the first time after already having been up to Scotland this year, this time with the view of getting the UOY name on there for the first time too. The day started at 10am with the starting format being V10.

With some of York’s players having no experience with the format, Cannons had the advantage from the get go. The previous encounter saw UOY win the first three quarters of V10 but it was evident that the Cannons had something to prove this time around. The first quarter saw Falkirk Cannons take the lead by 41 points but they didn’t slow the pace down.

They came out at half time 81 points in the lead. York had a deep talk at half time and settled into the game coming out to win the 3rd quarter but were still behind by 56 points. Although it was too late by that point, York began to show their colours, but it was not enough to bring back the deficit from the first half. The game ended Falkirk Cannons 294 – 223 University of York.

After the V10 game, the two clubs mixed the teams and played friendly games to build each other’s skills and experience in the format. Overall it was a great morning for York having come so close against the top club in Scotland.

The afternoon was nearly all black and gold, with York starting strong in the V2. Many of the York players were winning for the first time. Unfortunately the experience and stamina of Falkirk overcame York and ended with Falkirk taking the most points in V2.

At the end of the day, Falkirk won the CannonRose Trophy for the second time with an overall competition score 27-19. A good day all round and one that shows a great improvement in York from the last meeting between the two clubs. With more determination to win, York are aiming to get their name on the trophy in November.

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