Poll reveals race for YUSU President neck and neck

Favourites for YUSU and York Sport Presidents; Academic, Activities, and Community & Wellbeing Officers are revealed

Picture 1 Millie Beach and Habib Nassar are tied frontrunners for YUSU President with 26.2 per cent of the student vote each, according to a poll conducted by Nouse.

In the survey published last weekend, students were asked their preferences for YUSU and York Sport Presidents; Activities, Academic, and Community and Wellbeing Officers. They were given the option to vote for all, some, or as few as one of the categories. The poll closed at midnight on Sunday, shortly after voting officially opened.

Students’ priorities were made clear as most cast votes for YUSU President and Academic Officers, while York Sport President candidates were significantly less popular. Interestingly, the categories with the highest and lowest voting turnouts were also the closest in competition.

Not too far short of Beach and Nassar’s lead, both Oliver Wilson and Ciarán Morrissey also proved relatively strong contenders for YUSU President, with 17.3 and 15.5 per cent of the vote respectively.

But while the major race proved to be extremely close, other candidates were revealed to be clear favourites in their respective categories.

Students overwhelmingly favoured Tamaki Laycock for Academic Officer, with the frontrunner receiving 66.2 per cent of students’ backing, leaving Thomas Ron and Lisseth Inza trailing behind with less than 35 per cent of the vote between them.

Alex Lusty came out on top for Activities Officer with 42.7 per cent of students favouring his policies, followed by Heather Kelly and Golfo Migos in close competition, with 20 per cent each.

Dom Smithies’ performance was also convincing as he was revealed as the clear favourite for Community and Wellbeing Officer, winning an impressive 61.5 per cent of the vote.

The results for York Sport President were a little less decisive, as Isaac Beevor took the lead with 38.2 per cent of students’ backing, and Beth Cash and Stephen Bates chased with 28.7 and 23.5 per cent respectively.

As physical campaigning gets underway, it will be interesting to see how students’ opinions may change leading up to this weekend’s election. At the Full-Time Officers’ Debate on Sunday, the five candidates present offered displays of varied fire and finesse, with an emphasis on policies falling away to promises.

Thomas Ron really capitalised on his experience as Academic Officer, insisting students should re-elect him to “finish the job”, while the candidates for Activities debated the significance of ‘Voluntourism’.

Roz Neyra insisted at the Community and Wellbeing Debate that she intended to “make resources stretch further”, and the York Sport President hopefuls were keen to talk about inclusivity, with all agreeing that diversity was paramount to University sport.

Overall, candidates seemed reluctant to disagree or say anything too controversial. One question posed to the candidates for Academic Officer was even vetoed by the Chair, as it was deemed “inappropriate” for the Debate.

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