YUSU Finance system criticised by colleges and societies

Issues with YUSU’s financial system uncovered

Image: YUSU

Image: YUSU

Nouse has uncovered failures within the YUSU Finance system. Comedy Soc experienced a three month delay in payment for the society’s Edinburgh Fringe show last year. The society put a finance request into YUSU in February 2015, however this was not paid by early May and the venue had to suspend the show pending payment. Former Secretary Stephen Harper told Nouse that the situation was only fixed after appeals to YUSU.

As well as not paying money, an anonymous York Tories member told Nouse that the association were placed in financial difficulty due to a YUSU administration error.
The association’s finances were overestimated due to ticket sales for the society’s ball. This led to YUSU slashing their grant.When the society corrected YUSU on their mistake, they did not increase the grant. One member stated that “we made more money on the Jacob Rees-Mogg event than YUSU gave us”.

Colleges have also faced difficulties; Vanbrugh College were at one point concerned about their apparent finances, only to learn that YUSU had money held up in other accounts. Simon Iwrin, Vanbrugh Chair, commented, “initially our committee believed that we would be dependent on the arrival of sponsorship in order to pay our sports fees. On closer inspection of our various accounts we discovered that money from the college grant from November wasn’t included.

YUSU Finance were extremely helpful having identified and agreed that the money had indeed been transferred to them from the college, they allowed us to operate as if the money was there, until it visibly showed up on our account.”

YUSU President Ben Leatham stated that “YUSU have a Financial Service Level Agreement (SLA) for processing payments to Colleges, clubs and societies and this is monitored on a monthly basis. Over the last three months 91 per cent of College payments have been processed and paid within the target level of three working days.

Generally, when this service level hasn’t been reached, it is because additional information or clarification is necessary to process payments. We are still aware there are areas that require improvement and that systems need modernising. A long term strategy is currently being developed that addresses these issues and we welcome any feedback students have.”


  1. Why on earth should YUSU provide money to a political party society anyway?

    Besides, I’m sure their members are rich enough…

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  2. 17 Feb ’16 at 8:00 pm

    YUSU - who needs transparency and efficiency

    Having previously chaired a society this statement cannot be correct “Over the last three months 91 per cent of College payments have been processed and paid within the target level of three working days.”. The vast majority of our payments were processed at least a week after filing for them, I’m not sure how they account for these figures – perhaps from the last email sent asking why the **** haven’t you paid for this yet.

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