Best dressed TV characters

celebrates TV’s most stylish and fashionable on-screen appearances

1.Chuck Bass

chuck bass

Image: Rex Features

Have you ever considered coordinating your bowtie with your socks?  If yes, think Chuck Bass, if no, then you should probably rethink.  One of the most crushed on characters of all time, Chuck’s style is one-of-a-kind.  Throughout Gossip Girl we see it oscillate between the loud colours and bright prints of his intolerable rich kid persona and the well-tailored suits and preppy pastels of a respectful and distinguished young man. A bright shirt, chinos, boat shoes and a patterned scarf all combine to create Chuck’s signature style.

2.Rayanne Graff

mysocalledlife less blur


Rayanne’s style in My So Called Life is like marmite, but it’s perfect for her. The major key to her look is layering: plaid shirts, patchwork tees, mini dresses and jeans.  She is always completely out there with her outfits, putting as many clashing prints together as possible, and always combining them with that wonderful pair of grape earrings and an assortment of unique baseball caps.  The main style lessons to be learnt from Rayanne are that you can never accessorise too much and that layering is always the key.

3.Joan Holloway

joan holloway

Image: Flavorwire

The many characters of 1960s-set Mad Men have inspired countless trends throughout the past nine years, and we see the ripple effects everywhere, from Zara, to Prada and Louis Vuitton. The most iconic of them all is Joan Holloway, with signature pencil necklace always in tow. Joan’s look is all about the classic 60s silhouette so think curve-hugging midi skirts, tight sweaters, dresses cinched right in the middle and pointy-toed high heels which are an essential element of her seductive office attire.

4.Harvey Specter


Image: Getlemen’s Gazette

Described as “equal parts swagger and smarts”, it’s hard not to want to channel Harvey Specter, the star of legal drama Suits.  He is a conservative dresser, yet the cuts and understated designs of his ensembles mean that he is always noticed and admired.  His suits are impeccably tailored and his colour combinations are traditional yet still manage to make a statement.  A wise friend once told me that an important man wears a three-piece suit with a wide-peak lapel and few are as important as Mr Specter.

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