Library to open up new study space in Burton building

It follows the decision to introduce card-only access in an attempt to cut down on outside students

In response to growing concerns about overcrowding in the library during peak times, another 100 study spaces will be made available and construction of additional facilities is being considered.

David Duncan, Registrar & Secretary, commented: “We are aware of pressure on study space in the library at peak times, and are taking steps to alleviate this.

“In particular, over the Easter holidays we will relocate an underused reference room in the library to create an additional 100 study spaces; we have also implemented card checks at the entrance so that we can prioritise study space for York students at peak times.  In the medium term, we are developing plans to extend the library and create more study space.”

Card checks were introduced to the library from 24 December and have frustrated many students. The official reason for the checks is to collect data on busy periods and use this to improve services.

Rossi Redgrave, a first year Psychology student said that: “I often find that there isn’t enough room in the library at peak times to work, and I think priority should be given to introducing more relaxed study spaces like those in Fairhurst with comfortable seating and computers. In response to the card checks, I would say that I don’t mind at all, in fact it makes me feel safer.

“Extending the library is a really good idea as it is always crowded during peak times.”

With over 15,000 students currently enrolled at the University, and with the library being open to members of the public, many students feel that existing facilities are at full capacity.

Eden Whitehead, a first year History and Politics student said: “Student cards can be annoying but it’s no problem if it makes the library quieter. Increasing space is a good thing because it gets too busy at peak times.”

The total operational costs for the University of York library was £5,637,225, with a net budget of £5,288,274 in 2010.

The JB Morrell Library and Harry Fairhurst building are open 24 hours a day and 362 days a year. The Raymond Burton Library is open from 8am to 10pm, seven days a week. Statistics on the busiest times to visit the library can be found on Google.

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