Album Review: Peter Andre – Come Fly With Me

Australian crap-pop-purveyor returns with hilarious swing album



☆☆☆☆☆ – (Disclaimer: these are empty stars, i.e. zero stars. I have not, repeat, have not, given Peter Andre 5 stars).

Everyone probably has some form of an opinion about Peter Andre: limelight-hungry fame vampire most known for making a tool of himself on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here and marrying Katie Price (you), or genuinely lovely man who comes across as a really nice guy on those Iceland adverts (your Nan).

I digress; it doesn’t really matter what you think about him, because the pop factory has churned out another Peter Andre album regardless of your opinion, which sees Aussie Pete murder a whole host of Rat Pack classics made famous by the likes of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

Now, there’s one thing that even Andre’s most fierce detractor would have to concede: the guy can sing. And it feels at times that this album has been a rather elaborate vehicle for good old Petey to demonstrate this, as he successfully manages to sing in tune for the entirety of songs such as ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ and ‘Mack the Knife’. Bravo, Mr. Andre.

However, our Australian friend should take care to remember that yes, while he can sing, no, he is not a crooner. The cover versions, which make up almost all of the album, are devoid of any real creativity or transformation; he simply emulates the original songs, and because he can’t croon, they just don’t work. As such, on Come Fly With Me, Peter Andre has managed to ingeniously reinvent himself as a really shit Michael Bublé. Truly remarkable.

Given my tone in describing the album thus far, you may be mistaken in thinking that I view it as an abhorrent blot on the musical landscape that should never have seen the light of day. Well, you would be gravely incorrect, because there is one hilarious saving grace on Come Fly With Me, and that is a swing version of Andre’s 1996 pop classic ‘Mysterious Girl’, entitled ‘Mysterious Swing’. Yes, really.

Serving as the closing track on the album, ‘Mysterious Swing’ transforms the original song into a stupendously awful jazz rip-off, complete with horn section and twinkly sound effects. Starting initially as a slow-paced waltz through the first verse and chorus, you will marvel as it dramatically changes into an up-tempo, big band tune from the second verse onwards. Revolutionary, I’m sure you’ll agree.

So, some final words on Come Fly With Me? Well, I’d say buy it for your Nan for Christmas, but Michael Bublé does this sort of thing much better so just buy one of his albums instead. Although do have a listen to ‘Mysterious Swing’, if only for the comedic value. Then go into the back yard and rinse your ears out with bleach.


  1. What an idiotic review

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  2. 16 Dec ’15 at 6:25 pm

    Margaret Apap

    A completely unfair review,and you just wanted to knife him in the back,as this has now been on release for 8 weeks.

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    • Reviews are subjective. A reviewer’s job is to give a reader their opinion on a piece of art. If this one just happens to be negative, then that is the fair and just opinion of the reviewer, even if you don’t agree

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  3. Rubbish reciew obviously u r jealous of the man who can sing, can present and is genuine lovely caring man, and a fab dad..

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  4. You are a pleb, who has no consideration for how other people feel. His fans love all his songs and you just have to ruin it. What a complete spengy bati boy

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    • I’m sorry, have I mistakenly thought that we live in a nation that has freedom of speech, where people are allowed to openly express their opinions? You disagree, which is fine. You are entitled to that, as am I to say what I want without being branded a “pleb” and “bati boy” by an infantile Peter Andre fan.

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  5. He needs to get new management. He would do well in the adult contemporary market if he had better management and writing/producing.

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