System Shock 3 teased

Sequel to seminal ’90’s cyberpunk series revealed

ss3 A countdown clock has appeared on Otherside Entertainment’s website, and thanks to a user on the forums of RPG Codex, the page set to reveal on the wee hours of Monday has been found already live. While the page we’re all supposed to see currently, at the time of writing, simply has the letters “s s k”, three cryptic lines, and a sentence that reads: “I am flawless, perpetual… absolute”, user ‘LESS T_T’ has found through the web page’s source code the page (pictured above) that unveils the release of System Shock 3, the third entry from the highly-acclaimed first-person cyberpunk series.

Much of Otherside Entertainment’s staff is made up of the defunct-in-2000 company Looking Glass Studios, who made several innovative and highly influential games, including System Shock (1994) and System Shock 2 (1999). The legacy of Looking Glass is evident through countless games of the past 15 years. Games like Dishonored (Arkane Studios, 2012) took after Looking Glass’s seminal first-person stealth game Thief (1998), which itself had a second sequel released in 2004 and a reboot in 2014, while franchises such as those of Deus Ex (Ion Storm, Eidos Montreal) and BioShock (Irrational Games, 2K Marin) took after the System Shock series.

Now, in 2015, System Shock is getting more of the love that it deserves. In September, an enhanced edition of the original game was released on, a distribution service that re-releases old games for easy play on modern rigs. In November, the same company that released the enhanced edition, Night Dive Studios, who also own the IP for System Shock, announced that they have started work on a fuller reimagining of the original System Shock. With the forthcoming official announcement of System Shock 3, the series that pioneered the genre of player-driven, intelligent and cerebral first-person shooters known as ‘immersive sims’, will be coming to new generation.

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