TV Review: The Walking Dead – Series 6 Episode 7: ‘Heads Up’

This week sees the much anticipated reveal of a series regular’s fate and the continuation of conflict inside the walls of Alexandria, says


Image: Gene Page / AMC

Image: Gene Page / AMC

So that’s how Glenn survived, huh? Pretty stupid, if you ask me (or just about anybody else on the internet)! Hiding under a dumpster, really?

There’s a thousand and one reasons why this couldn’t have helped him escape the zombie horde, many of which come straight from The Walking Dead’s own lore. For example, whatever happened to them being able to smell the living (and hence not being able to smell the dead)? This was established all the way back in series one, but I guess in the same way that they never use the zombie-guts-all-over-you trick to evade walkers again, the writers are probably trying to take the show in a different direction and avoid using the same plot devices.

However, regardless of how stupid his method of survival was, I think many of us are happy that Glenn is still around. Had this series been his last, the only way for it to have been a fitting send-off for such a central character would probably be to have had him arrive as a walker in the same way that Merle did in series three.

All stupid survival techniques aside, it has got to be said that ‘Heads Up’ was a good quality episode. One of the best moments this week has to have been when Spenser was trying to climb across a cord over the walkers, resulting in Rick having to come to his rescue. Once Spenser is safe, Rick scolds Tara for putting herself in danger in order to help out, claiming that risking her life for ‘one of them’ wasn’t worth it. Of course, this just provokes Tara to give him the middle finger and to be honest, Rick kind of deserved it.

Sure, many of the Alexandrians have proved themselves to be useless when faced with any real danger, but some of them are learning and becoming real assets to the team. The most notable is Aaron, without whom they wouldn’t have even had access to the secure base in the first place. Just a few weeks ago, he saved Maggie from her own recklessness when she was trying to leave in search of Glenn. I’m sure Rick would have been happy for Aaron to risk her life for her, so maybe he should start to realise that helping each other survive is a two way street. It may not be too long until one of the Alexandrians has to come to his rescue, you never really know in The Walking Dead!

The closing moments of the episode see the decaying tower just outside of Alexandria collapsing, taking down a section of the wall and letting the walker horde outside making their way into base. It looks like the mid-season finale will throw us right into the action and hopefully we’ll get to see some iconic scenes. Of course the walkers are a threat themselves, but it is also important to note that Ron is walking towards Carl with a loaded gun! Could he be about to lose his eye like in the comics? This does seem likely. The showrunners have previously told Andrew Lincoln that Rick is not allowed to lose his hand due to how expensive it would be for the show’s main character to have a pretty substantial disfigurement, so hopefully that means they won’t deny us Carl’s, especially since he has a much lower amount of screen time in comparison to his father. The mid-season finale seems like it has come around extremely fast, but the hype is still there! There’s walkers in the walls! Walkers in the WALLS!

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  1. Just as I say that they won’t use the walker guts trick again, what do they go and use in the mid-season finale?! Yep, that very same trick.

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