GeekFest 2015: Smash Bros. Tournament

report on the epic battle between PokeSoc and FragSoc

GeekFest 2015 Last weekend was the debut of the first York University GeekFest. The event was a triumph of York’s diverse geek tribes coming together in celebration of their respective hobbies over a weekend of dice rolls, button mashing and general fun. One of the centrepieces of this festival was a grand Super Smash Bros. tournament, culminating in a clash between the indomitable titans Pokemon Soc and masterful curators of FragSoc.

The tournament rules were simple; the two societies split into two unseeded randomly selected brackets. Within these, the terms of engagement was a best of one elimination with standard tournament set-up; two stock, five minutes match-ups, limited stage selection and no items.

The participants from each society showed great enthusiasm before partaking, but exhibited great sportsmanship and played with a sense humility befitting such an event. Those in the first bracket showed a wide variety of skill, ranging to a impressive feat of finger dexterity from a Kirby player, who kicking Pikachu’s lightening balls out of the sky and back into his stupid yellow face. However on the other hand we have a Charizard who quite outstandingly lemming himself off the edge of the map twice. Needless to say, he didn’t make it into the next round.

After set one, predictably came set two. The highlight of this set of matches was an epic clash between two top tier players, where Kirby and Sheik duked it out on the field of battle (Battlefield). Ending in a nail-biting conclusion, with both players on 150% for a full minute, the battle went into extra time, after which Sheik conceded honourably before going to sudden death. Following set two, PokeSoc and FragSoc sent their top four champions to fight in the semi-finals in a best of three match-up. The first match saw the impressive Kirby player pushed to his limits by a truly masterful Donkey Kong player. Next saw an electrifying battle between the nimble Luigi/Sheik versus equally dextrous Graninja, which after a hard fought battle of dodges and not an inconsiderable number explosives saw a victory for the curious Luigi/Sheik pairing.

Finally, we see the agile Luigi/Sheik player selecting Luigi and Marth against the stocky primate team of Donky and Diddy Kong. The first match saw the raw speed of Marth beat out the lumbering strength of Diddy Kong, however after a switch to Luigi and Diddy Kong respectively, the battle was brought to a tie between the ornery primates and skinny tag team. A final conflict between Marth and Diddy Kong, each with a victory under belt took to the field; however Marth’s superior use of counters and weight advantage saw him the final victor of the tournament.

This was a tremendous display of skill and enthusiasm from York’s geek stock, showing not only a healthy turn out, but also the top skill this University has to offer. Overall, GeekFest was a roaring success and we hope to see another one next year.

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