“Stellar performances” from Women’s lacrosse firsts

York kickstart their BUCS season with an impressive win over Leeds Beckett

University of York
Leeds Beckett
Image: James Hostford

Image: James Hostford

An unquestionable 20- 13 win against Leeds Beckett for the firsts means that women’s lacrosse at York is continuing on an upward and ongoing trend. The seconds began the day by beating Durham’s Fifths 17-11, an improvement from last year, and both results point towards a season of success for the York Women’s lacrosse team.

The game started with a rally of points; Leeds initially one up soon found themselves at 3-3, yet 13 minutes into the game York began to create the gap reflected in the final result. A notable series of passes between Stevens, Searle and Shaw resulted in a quick succession of scores to 6-3 and it was at this point that Leeds Beckett understandably called time-out.

Returning back to the action with a chant and a cheer, Leeds began their unsuccessful attempt to decrease the gap by solidly attacking. However, Reynolds was more than capable to handle it, conceding only one goal and allowing Searle and Shaw to repeat their earlier triumph with the support of their captain Carruthers bringing the score to 7-4.

York’s ability to dominate grew alongside their confidence and the support of the sidelines. A Churchill style “Oh Yes” resonated as they reached half-time with an impressive lead of 6 points. Such a difference was thanks to the team’s ability to intercept Leeds in defence. Their sense of teamwork and awareness of each other immediately enabled them to remove the ball from their end, and with the speed and aim of Shaw secure several points.

Image: James Hostford

Image: James Hostford

This continued into the second half, and within minutes of play York obtained a further two points. Brisk passes across the field forced Leeds to really focus on their defence, but several low shots made it into the nets. A few times Leeds transferred the ball into the attacking area but only once did it come to any fruition bringing the score to an impressive 13-5.

Captain Laura Carruthers said afterwards that whatever the team’s current attainment it’s important to maintain a “never safe” mentality, keeping the “goal line at 0”. This played to the team’s strength when Leeds briefly began to close the gap. Despite scoring a very secure 15 points the scrambling of sticks that ensued allowed Leeds to make a break in York’s defence lines and they quickly matched them with 9 points as the ball traversed back and forth. But with the  encouragement of the sidelines they put their “game face on” and did indeed “let ‘em know” they were there.

Springing back into action they took possession for the final ten minutes. Reynolds beautifully blocked several attempts made my Leeds to score whilst the rest of the team continuously passed between each other, scoring a further 5 points bringing the total to 20 – 11 and keeping the attention away from their end. Sadly it was at this point that Searle took a tumble, seriously hurting her wrist; an ice pack was immediately provided at the sidelines and York can only hope that she is okay.

Luckily the team were well able to deal with the loss of such a prolific member, only letting in a further 2 points making the final score 20-13. As Carruthers said it was a very “promising start to the season” and we can only hope that The York Women’s lacrosse team continue in their triumph.

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