Game Review: Drone Zero Gravity

finds this puzzle platformer to be a little too frustrating

Drone Zero GravityRating: ★★☆☆☆
Platform: PC
Release Date: 2 October 2015
Developer: Isaac Nichols

Drone Zero Gravity at a first glance seems like a fairly generic two and a half dimension puzzle platformer with a fairly shiny but uninspired design. Sometimes first impressions can be correct. The concept is to work your way through a series of tunnels on an abandoned mining planet to reactivate beacons, or something like that. You control a small drone that has the ability to push objects away or pull them towards it. Your way is blocked by big blocks of ice, and you must find a purple ‘ball’ that you push and pull towards the ice to break it. It’s an old formula, tired and frankly dull.

However after the first few levels it turns from dull to downright frustrating. Firstly the afore mentioned ‘ball’ is difficult to control. Pulling it towards you is obviously a bad idea so instead you want to focus on pushing it away. However whenever you do manage to successfully navigate the ball into some ice to break it the ball bounces off wildly and at very high speeds. Normally straight into your craft. This is later followed by crystals that start firing lasers; some of them fire periodically, some erratically and some based on proximity. All with no indication which means to properly pass them you need to stop and asses them which would be fine. Until the purple drone arrives.

I’m seriously considering making a papier-mâché version of the purple drone just so I can smash it to a pulp. It spawns about a third of the way into a level and starts to open fire on you – each missile takes a quarter of your health and it can fire every four seconds. The shots are also homing and will follow you for a very long time. This added to the fact that you’re in very tight corridors which can be straight for a good amount of time means that you get hit. A lot. Oh and I almost forgot to mention that the purple drone is not restricted to two dimensions, but can in fact move in all three allowing them to move through the wall and fire there too. This means that not only can shots come from the walls but it can appear right next to you out of the wall and shoot you with no chance of dodging. It’s also invincible.

Drone Zero Gravity is not a bad game per say. However after being swamped with cheap death after cheap death and a feeling of relief when you get through the levels rather than one of satisfaction it’s honestly not a game I can recommend. I should point out, that the key for this game was given by the developer for free.

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