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A brand new feature lifts the lid on the characters in the Men’s Cricket Club dressing room

Image: James Hostford

Image: James Hostford

In a new feature, the Men’s Cricket Club are the first to shed light on the characters in their dressing room.

Name: Adam McAuley
Role: Press and Publicity
Year: 2nd year
Course: Maths and Economics

Which of your team-mates is….

The practical joker?
Our first-team captain Rob Carr, as well as being a grumpy old man himself, likes to inflict that on others.

The strongest?
Ex-social sec Sage Kugasthan, thinks he can hit a massive ball, his toothpick legs would say otherwise.

A gym rat?
Head of Sponsorship Prash “The Businessman” Patel. He’s always on about his ‘gainz’ and has just secured us a myprotein sponsorship.

The dressing-room DJ?
Tim Weston, aka Cromwell, with his endless deluge of poor house tunes.

The most intelligent?
Vice-President Alex Bryant – just have a conversation with him.

The best motivator?
Our club captain Ben Grindell is our main motivator, he even has his very own twist on the “Flower of Scotland”

The best trainer?
Zach “Mitchell Johnson” Smith. He charges in, session after session, ‘swinging it both ways’.

The worst trainer?
Tim Weston always has his pads on first, has a hit, then has a knack of sneaking out for the rest of the session.

The most hardened drinker?
The honest answer is no-one; we are probably the wrong club to ask. However, we will go with tee-total Phil Daneshyar, who powers through many pints of milk every Wednesday night without fail.

The biggest lightweight?
John Howe. Half a bottle of red often gets the better of him, making him pipe up about becoming one of our social secs for the coming year. He denies this, with embarrassment, the morning after without fail.

And finally… The longest in the shower?
Ordinary member Adam Berryman, more commonly known as Weeman. All you need to do is look at his Instagram account, which boasts an overwhelming number of selfies with his other half.

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