New payment system trialled by YUSU

YUSU set to launch new payment method called YoYo

Image: Håkan Dahlström

Image: Håkan Dahlström

YUSU is rolling out a new payment system across its campus bars, cafés and shop.

YoYo Wallet allows students to link their credit or debit card to a mobile phone app, meaning that payments can be made simply by scanning your screen.

The app also collects points for each transaction, allowing students to earn rewards, such as free drinks and meals.

It is hoped that the system will help to reduce queues and eventually replace traditional chip and pin machines across campus. The app is available to download now for both Apple and Android devices.

A second-year student told Nouse: “For a long time, the credit card payment systems in YUSU bars and food outlets have been antiquated. This, alongside the relaxation of the minimum spend rule for card transactions, represents much-needed progress in this area.”
A third-year student also welcomed the new system, saying: “I think the fact you can earn rewards is a good idea.”


  1. YoYo is not secure. It is not subject to the rules of the banking regulations, and so anyone using it is at risk if there is any loss. If you lose your phone then you could find payments made to your account that you have no control over. Removing availability of normal card payments and allowing cash or yoyo only is not the best way forward.

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    • 2 Feb ’16 at 8:29 pm

      Michael Rolph

      Hi Pete
      Michael here (co-founder of Yoyo). I thought I would respond to your comment personally as your assertions are completely wrong! Firstly, Yoyo is an FCA regulated entity, this means we are governed under the same rules as the big financial institutions. Now let’s get into the realities. When you add a payment card to Yoyo it is not actually stored on the mobile device (ever). When you transact using Yoyo, we do not ever pass your personal or financial information as part of the transaction. We keep you completely anonymous to the retailer using our ultra secure tokenisation system (look out for my blog on that next week). Now let’s on to the idea that if you loose your phone completely at risk. Fact is, your not. Someone would have to know your phone passcode and also have your finger print if on iOS or your pin code to enter the Yoyo app. Yoyo Wallet is much safer than if you were to loose your physical wallet. Should I find your real wallet I could immediately spend via your contactless card. Check your details online if I have not got them from your driving licence. Then using your basic personal info like date of birth, address etc use your cards online – the biggest area for fraud. I could go on but I feel for now these few basic observations and facts do enough to right the wrong impression you give. Hopefully now we have cleared it up I would encourage you to email me ([email protected]) and I will see to it that we set you up with some rewards that you could redeem YUSU. Something else your bank can’t do!

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  2. Pete, I will happily take you through the security credentials and infrastructure of Yoyo Wallet, which is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. Yoyo Wallet processes hundreds of thousand transactions a day in the university environment alone and no card details can fall into the wrong hands simply because Yoyo does not store card data neither on your phone nor in the Yoyo servers. For someone else to access your Yoyo app would require your security code (or touch ID), not to mention your phone password needed to unlock your phone. Getting access to your credit card number or your cash in your physical wallet is much easier. I hope you will enjoy the experience of paying with your phone securely and collecting points and rewards automatically. Alain Falys, CEO.

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