Lacrosse leap into action

There was pre-season success for the Lacrosse women’s Firsts, who beat Queen Margaret’s 13-5 on 22 Acres

University of York
Queen Margaret's
Image: James Hostford

Image: James Hostford

The York Women’s lacrosse team has seen an excellent start to the year with a dominant pre-season victory against Queen Margaret’s, winning 13-5.

Yet York did not get off to a good start, going down 0-1 in the third minute. Several great saves by York’s keeper Beth Reynolds prevented a greater Queen Margaret’s lead. Only occasional possession made it difficult for the team to find their way into the game, but a quick equalizer following a Queen Margaret’s chance, changed the dynamic of the game.

Henceforth, York controlled the game, scoring six more in the first half, while conceding only one more.

The overwhelming pressure Queen Margaret’s had been exerting in the first few minutes of the game had entirely vanished after the equalizer, with only rare chances, which were easily cleared. The early disorder disappeared as the team settled into the game and found an effective team dynamic.

After half time, York continued its impressive performance, soon leading 9-3. Most notably, Connie Shaw carried the ball half way across the pitch while leaving several defenders helplessly looking on as she scored just after half time.

However soon after, York lost focus, and Queen Margaret’s demonstrated that they were more than capable. Moving as a team and passing well, they managed to score three in quick succession.

By this point, time was clearly on York’s side, and increasingly desperate attacks made Queen Margaret’s vulnerable to York’s ruthlessly efficient offense. In the end, York won by the large margin of 13-5.

If the game as a whole demonstrated anything, it’s that it is still early in the season. While the team performed well, the final score is mostly a product of the outstanding performances of individuals.

Without Reynold’s saves and Shaw scoring half of York’s goals, the game would have been a very close match. As every team in a pre-season, there is much to work on, the early nervousness and some inaccuracies during passing are the natural by-products of a long summer break.

But of course it is still early; the pre-season match was played with some first years who are just arriving. There is much time to fine tune the team, but what this game did show is that the usual post-summer hangover falls out mild. York’s women’s lacrosse can look forward to a promising season.

Their second pre-season tune-up comes tomorrow against Harrogate Railway on 22 Acres.

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