Freshers’ week: What you need in your wardrobe

Practical advice on what to pack and what to leave at home

If you’ve heard that everybody tries hard in their first week of uni but the pressure of deciding what to wear eases off afterwards, it’s true. That’s why it’s important to pack key pieces to keep you your outfits on trend, yet practical, throughout the term.

Although it may seem tempting to take your whole wardrobe with you to university, it is worth remembering that you only need clothes that are functional for 2 months, essentially the length of first term. Here are some of the key pieces that you’ll actually need for those months ahead.


Black Moto Jamie Jeans - Topshop

Black Moto Jamie Jeans – Topshop, £40


The word ‘fresher’, denotes the ‘fresh start’ that comes with moving to a new place, meeting new people. For some it can even be a chance to create a new image for yourself, however there are some items in your wardrobe that will simply never grow old, no matter how your life progresses and changes.

Jeans, an essential part to any student’s wardrobe, allude that some effort has gone into your choice of outfit. The ‘Jamie Jeans’ from Topshop are a great choice. The high-waisted design is very on trend and flattering and the stretchy material moulds to your legs, making them very comfortable and easy to move in.

2.Plaid shirts

Checked Shirt - Topshop, £30

Checked Shirt – Topshop, £30


Student style has always been associated with popular culture. As you wonder around campus you may notice an onslaught of 90’s references such as crop tops and mini-skirts or vintage style with brogues, corduroy and tweed.

The plaid shirt however, cunningly pays homage to all these eras. Immortalised in popular culture by its famous appearance in Clueless, plaid will always be a safe and easy item to wear.

As you settle into the university lifestyle, your clothing choices may make a turn for the more practical – you’ll need outfits you can cycle in as well as study in. In the rough Yorkshire winters this may mean saying goodbye to midi- skirts, small delicate shoes and flowing jackets.  Instead, it would be wise to bring a pair of Dr Martens or any sturdy ankle boot that can be worn day to day. They will be great for autumn and generally stomping around in.


HM Knit Jumper

Knit Jumper – H&M, £29.99


Practically, it may be a good idea to choose clothes that will protect against the harsh winds and to tumultuous rain one may expect during the cold winter months in York (especially for anyone who has to walk up 22 acres). Also knit jumpers come in a wide range of colours and designs to suit everybody’s taste.

4.Statement jewellery – Either as a necklace or a pair of earrings, statement jewellery is perfect for moments where you may wish to make an impact, it is particularly good as it can be worn on nights out at bars, clubs or during the day time to just brighten up a basic plain t shirt or jumper. They add the finishing touch.

5.Leather jacket

Leather Jacket Topshop

Leather Biker Jacket – Toshop, £165


With its black tough exterior a leather jacket can be the armour you need when encroaching on this new and at times nerve-racking part of your life. Although they can be expensive, it is worth investing in a good one from a high street store as it will become a permanent fixture in your wardrobe.

6.Converse or any basic sneaker like shoe will also take you through the day and night, won’t hurt your feet and will be great for sticky floors, uneven surfaces and generally not having to worry about.

7.Denim jacket

Men's Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket – ASOS, £50


For those moments of homesickness that you’ll inevitably feel, wearing an old, worn or handed down item can be immensely comforting. Whether it be an oversized denim jacket or jumper the casual yet tough material will enable you to go anywhere and do anything

8.Trainers are another essential for your student wardrobe and simply for walking to and from lectures, these grey Nike Roshe run may just be the thing. The light colour gives the shoes some versatility so they can be worn with basically any outfit from floral dresses or jeans and t-shirt.

Nike roshe run

Nike Roshe Run – Office, £69.99


9.Turtle neck/polo neck/funnel neck- Once moving to uni it may not be surprising to learn how your style changes and evolves. Roll neck jumpers are very stylish and on trend at the moment and also handy for colder days. Therefore it may be worth trying out a new style of clothing.

10.Platform heels

Platform Heels

Platform Sandals – Stradivarius, £29.99


When choosing shoes it’s best to pick a sensible heel, check that the ball of the foot is raised to lessen the harshness of the arch from your heel to toe. It could make the difference between ungainly hobbling and enjoying and dancing on your night out, you’ll never regret picking the more sensible heel.

11.Basic T- Shirts- When combined with a leather or denim jacket you’ll look casual without being under-dressed. A basic V-neck, or round neck t shirt, in a muted colour is a great foundation on which to build the rest of your outfit.

12.Satchel/ Large Handbag

Tan Satchel

Tan Satchel – River Island, £30


To get you into the student mind set, acquiring a bag that can fit A4 notes, ring binders and a lot more is mandatory. Pick a bag in subdued plainer colours such as black, greys or creams with a basic design to ensure that it easily matches your outfit or go for a bright concoction to enliven your day.


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