Edinburgh Fringe 2015 Review: Abigoliah Schamaun: Post-Coital Confessions

With a welcoming and disarming honesty, the American comedian sets out to shock her prudish British audience, with some success. reviews

Image: Steve Ullathorne

Image: Steve Ullathorne


Venue: Gilded Balloon

Abigoliah Schamaun’s set is created from an internet poll she conducted in which she asked “What’s the weirdest thing people have ever said to you after sex?” With over sixty responses (sixty-two she tells us, to be precise), Abigoliah talks about love, sex and intimacy whilst punctuating her show with humorous and often bizarre post-coital confessions that coined the name of her show.

Schamaun’s set isn’t just about sex however, as she quickly volleys from subject to subject, including marathons, movies and the American legalisation of same sex marriage with heart-warming insight into the personal details of her life in New York.

Whilst Schamaun too often relied on shock value (talk of butt plugs at 5pm in the afternoon was rather hard to stomach) and her continuous talk of strap-ons and dirty talk became slightly tedious, her refreshing honesty concerning the failures of the American school-systems sex education and the miserable inaccuracies of the portrayal of sex in chick-flicks such as the infamous Fifty Shades of Grey was delivered with a unique and novel approach that meant these somewhat tired topics were revisited with a refreshing and funny perspective.

Frank, funny and with a considerably charming feel to the show, Schamaun naturally and quickly puts her audience at ease and then delights them as she regales in stories of her bizarre and distinctly non-British perspective on sex and relationships.




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