The Big Fat York Quiz Answers

1 – a
2 – b
3 – d
4 – b
5 – c
6 – a
7 – c
8 – b
9 – b (actually, a dog reportedly ran for YUSU president in the ‘60s but we don’t know if it won)
10 – a
11 – d
12 – d

0 – 3 = …alright, so this is why you didn’t get into Oxbridge. If I were you, I’d brush up on your local knowledge, lest you be exiled and sent to float toward Lancaster on a raft when the Roses next roll along.

4 – 6 = Much like Derwent accommodation, not too shabby but there’s room for improvement.

7 – 9 = Good result! You know quite a bit about York already – for that extra edge, maybe go on a tour around the city, or take up stalking random pedestrians. Whichever’s cheaper.

10 -12 = Congratulations! You could pass yourself off as a genuine York resident, provided you could find a flat-cap and learn how to use the word “reet”. Unless you just used the internet. Dick.

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