Live Review: Don Broco @ The Duchess, York

Don Broco graced The Duchess for a sweaty and messy night to celebrate the release of their new album Automatic

Source: Chuff Media

Rating:  ★★★★★

On Tuesday 11th August alt-rockers Don Broco graced The Duchess in York as part of their tour of smaller venues following the release of their latest album Automatic. The night was opening by the fresh faced Light You Up who brought with them a positive and clean cut sound littered with killer guitar riffs and catchy lyrics. Songs ‘Breath’ and ‘Brother’ were both hugely received and the Light You Up boys were hugely humbled by the reaction.

Don Broco jumped on stage with ‘Money, Power, Fame’ and the eager crowd rushed at them in the sweatier-by-the-second atmosphere. As lead singer Rob Damiani addressed the crowd he explained how it’s been 4 years since the Broco boys have played York and they are excited to be back at what was already proving to be the sweatiest gig they had ever played. They wasted no time in blaring out their biggest hits with ‘Whole Truth’ and ‘What You Do To Me’ seeing the entire crowd singing along to ever word. The sweaty atmosphere and high energy broke into moshpit after moshpit far crazier than would be expected of the charming Don Broco. Damiani divides the crowd for a miniature circle pit just in time for ‘Fancy Dress’ and utter sweaty carnage follows.

The hits never stopped rolling out as the night went on. The ever-stylish Broco boys ended ‘Priorities’ with their trademark synchronised high kicks and everyone in the room could see (despite how sweaty they all are) that they were loving every moment. To give the dripping crowd a break they stopped share the huge news that they hit 3rd in the album charts that day. Down to earth as he is, Rob Damiani also shared that his mum and dad are on tour with him and are helping out at the merch stand. Following a crowd request, they seamlessly jump into ‘Actors’ which sees crowd-surfers galore (rather risky considering the limited space Duchess has to offer). The night ends on ‘You Wanna Know’, and the beaming Broco boys rush off to shower and celebrate the success of the night.

Massive, charming, intense, sweaty, fun-packed, thrilling – Don Broco know how to put on a show and the intimate setting of The Duchess saw them at their best. An amazing night, and you must be sorry to have missed it. Their latest album Automatic is out now, and it’s a must listen.

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