Breakfast-only MAD Cards introduced

MAD breakfast cards to be available to buy from September

Image: Clemens v. Vogelsang

Image: Clemens v. Vogelsang

Catering services at the University will now be providing breakfast-only MAD cards that will be available to purchase from September. Until the introduction of the new breakfast cards you could only either buy a full card (for breakfast and dinner) or a dinner-only card, with no option of a breakfast-only card.

The new change to the MAD card system comes as a result of the efforts of Thomas Ron, Academic Officer. In his election manifesto he promised to bring in the breakfast-only option, and after talking to catering staff it has been agreed that the cards will be introduced, starting with this coming academic year.

Ron commented on his election promise being fulfilled saying: “I am delighted that catering services have agreed to this in such a quick manner. The MAD scheme is a fantastic one which many students depend on and allowing them to customise which meals they want is exactly what we should be doing. This was a manifesto pledge of mine and I am delighted it has been realised so soon.”

The MAD (Meal In Advance) cards allow students to buy prepared food at a discounted price and work on a term by term basis. The savings over the term average about 20%. James, Vanbrugh and Derwent College participate in the scheme and it is available to all York students in all years.


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