5 Top Tips For Fancy Dress

guides you through the do’s and don’ts of fancy dress at university

So you’ve just got into university and you’re looking forward to fresher’s week. You glance down at the list of events but uh oh – fancy dress? What are you going to do? Never fear, dear fresher, let Nouse’s resident (and self-appointed) fancy dress queen help you through this difficult time.

Pub Golf is one occasion where fancy dress is a must. Image: Will Viles

Pub Golf is one occasion where fancy dress is a must. Image: Will Viles

1. Study your theme carefully.

Read exactly what it is you are supposed to be dressing as. No one wants to wear fancy dress at an event where you are supposed to be “dressing fancy”. It’s the stuff that nightmares are made of.

2. Look at the clothes you already own.

You have just become a student my friend, now is not the time to splurge all your loan on an inflatable cowboy costume for that Wild West night. You’ve got a plaid t shirt and can plat your hair? Great, that’ll do nicely.

3. Charity shops are your friend.

If you don’t have anything that is any good head to your nearest Oxfam, Cancer Research etc. The clothes and accessories are cheap and you are helping people at the same time. It’s a win-win situation.

4. Don’t overdo it.

It’s fresher’s week not a masked ball. Chances are people will be wearing the minimal of fancy dress; some animal ears, a funky hat, lots of neon bracelets. No one wants to be the one who ends up overdressed.

5. Stay cool.

If you are more dressed up than everyone else in the club then fret not my enthusiastic friend. Chances are, you are the best dressed person in the room. Enjoy this feeling. You have just started university and everyone feels the same way. The most important thing is to enjoy the atmosphere and talk to people. Who knows, you may tell your kids about the night you met a giant panda in Fibbers.

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