E3 2015: FIFA 16

runs through the changes that will feature in this year’s edition

FIFA 15 - Adam KoperFor many onlookers, the FIFA series may easily seem like a rip-off. Every year another pricey edition is released, consisting of what seem to be minor tweaks to gameplay, plus a few more noticeable gimmicks. But for those who buy FIFA every year without fail, those supposedly minor tweaks are actually the most important factor in determining whether the game succeeds or fails.

Ultimately, it’s about achieving a realistic football experience that is also fun to play. So when tuning in to the FIFA 16 E3 Stage Demo, every FIFA fan looks forward to hearing about what has been altered, and how it will affect gameplay. This year, EA Sports has provided us with much to discuss.

The most important development seems to be improved defending. After the introduction of tactical defending a few years ago, many who play the game feel defending has become the most difficult part of the game. In order to remedy this, EA Sports have made it easier to keep up with players on the offensive. The new swing step mechanism allows for agile movement when defending, making it easier for you to keep up with faster players.

Improvements have been made to the AI as well. Now, when possession changes, the your players will react much quicker, switching between offense and defence quickly. When attacking, other players will work with you to perform better runs to increase your chances of scoring.

Slide tackles have also undergone some treatment, with new animations being added to the game. In addition to this, a new mechanism allows players to jump back onto their feet quickly during a slide tackle, once again helping them to keep up with offensive players.

FIFA 16 will also be the first game in the series to feature women’s football – 12 international teams are being added to the game. Due to the difference in style and pace between the women’s game and the men’s game, the rating system has been adjusted to fit the women’s game. Unfortunately this means that there will be no male versus female matches in the game. Nevertheless it’s great to see the women’s game included in FIFA for the first time.

With so many interesting adjustments to gameplay, and the inclusion of women’s football for the first time, this edition of FIFA is looking very promising indeed.

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