E3 2015: Nintendo announce a variety of new games

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Image: niXerKG on Flickr

Image: niXerKG on Flickr

Nintendo have used their time at E3 to focus on new releases for their handheld console the Nintendo 3DS over the Wii U.

New titles for the 3DS include two games in the Legend of Zelda series. The first, Zelda Tri Force Heroes, is a co-op game where three players work together to tackle a new series of dungeons. Players can use the new totem mechanic to stack on top of each other, allowing them to reach elevated platforms. Another new feature is the costume mechanic, whereby items can be collected to form outfits, which in turn grant new abilities to the player.

The second Zelda title to be revealed was Hyrule Warriors Legends, a 3DS version of the hack-and-slash Wii U game. In addition to the original cast of characters, Legends will also feature characters from Wind Waker. Legends is set to be released in the first quarter of 2016.

Nintendo also teased fans of the Metroid series, with a new 3DS game. Little is known about Metroid Prime Federation Force, but it seems that this is another co-op game. The relatively short trailer showed the first-person-shooter aspect of the game in action, although not all fans are pleased with the result after waiting years for another Metroid game.

Of the games being developed for the Wii U, a lot of time was spent on showing off the new Super Mario Maker. Set to be released on 11th of September 2015, Super Mario Maker allows players to create their own side-scrolling levels, with items, obstacles and characters from across the world of Super Mario. The game is supposedly based on a tool used by the likes of Shigeru Miyamoto to design levels for the actual Super Mario games. In case the whole thing is a little bit too complicated and time-consuming, a nifty booklet is provided with the game. This booklet will guide players through the art of creating levels, and will contain a number of tutorial levels for players to try out.

Nintendo were also keen to show off Star Fox Zero, the much anticipated sci-fi shooter. Featuring the usual Star Fox characters, Zero will make the most of the Wii U’s twin screens. Whilst the main screen will display the usual third-person view, the gamepad’s screen displays a first-person view from the cockpit of your Arwing spaceship.

With a variety of new games having been announced, Nintendo devotees will certainly feel appeased, although the company’s support for the Wii U will be questioned by outsiders.

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