E3 2015: Microsoft

Roundup of the Microsoft press conference at E3 2015

Image: unitedfrontgames

Image: unitedfrontgames

Microsoft put out a pretty big selection of games this time, with things for the future and titles that are just around the corner and almost ready to play.

Halo 5 opened the show, although already announced, Microsoft showed of a gameplay sequence featuring the protagonist Locke and his team as they search for Master Chief.

Forza Motorsport 6 is coming soon September 15th of this year, and the gameplay trailer showed some fantastic lighting effects combined with brilliantly realistic water graphics.

The guys at Bethesda went on to talk more about Fallout 4 from yesterday, and announced that it will be possible to play mods developed for the PC version on the Xbox, a huge facet of the series that has always been in the favour of the PC.

Ion, Sea of Thieves and ReCore were all shown off, leading the charge for Microsoft in terms of original and exclusive content, making them look more and more appealing against the backdrop of Sony, who have still have little to show for their console that came out last year.

The biggest news from the conference was Rise of the Tomb Raider and Gears of War 4. Not much is yet known about Dark Souls III which we were also shown a trailer for, but it should be dropping late next year.

Tomb Raider saw Lara getting into just as much pain and suffering as she managed in the last game, and will be available November 10th. Gears didn’t see much in the way on new interesting features, but with a year to launch this is to be expected. However it is nice to see that the game is properly in development, keeping a lot of the core feel from previous titles, and it should be playable sometime next year.

Microsoft also expanded upon the services they have available, and are going to make the Xbox One backwards compatible with a starting sample of over 100 Xbox 360 games.

The next ‘Elite’ controller was also previewed, allowing players the ability to swap out analogue sticks, add back paddles and customise button mapping to improve the level they perform at.

Overall Microsoft managed a solid performance this year, a lot of the games they showed are set to come out later in the year, meaning that the Xbox One might be the better buy if you’re looking for lots of choice.

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