E3 2015: EA and Ubisoft

A look at the best of the EA and Ubisoft press conferences at E3 2015

Image: BagoGames

Image: BagoGames

Both Ubisoft and EA took to the stage to announce what they have coming out and in development over the next year, these are some of the highlights.

Ubisoft’s main feature is always Assassins Creed, and they always nail the trailers, with this year being no exception. Assassins Creed Syndicate is set in London 1863, and follows twins Evie and Jacob as they attempt to take down the Templar Order. From what we saw the environment looked fantastic, creating a strong Victorian Era feel, with emphasis on the class divide that heavily plague the country at that period. Whether or not ACS will turn out to deliver a good experience is yet to be known, if Unity was anything to go by then fans of the series will be disappointed once more. Set to release October 23rd 2015.

EA really shone this year, showcasing loads of great titles. FIFA 16 looks to be a great successor to the popular franchise, as it expands towards Women’s Football and looks to further develop the playing experience. They showed the lengths that the development team go to, in order to try and emulate the most realistic football experience, and the hope is that this will translate into a fantastic game. However, fans of the series raise the usual and legitimate complaints that EA don’t spend enough time fixing bugs from their previous ‘innovations’, and there is a worry that this game will suffer from much the same issues as its predecessors. However they did have Pele doing the trailer, which is always a bonus, the game will be release September 25th this year.

Mirrors Edge Catalyst looked absolutely fantastic. The simple and effective visual aesthetic is being carried on into this second instalment, but with Faith now being able to traverse a large open world with her athletic free running skills. Mirrors Edge also looks to bring in some social commentary through its sci-fi setting, and the character development of Faith promises a strong female lead to tackle the corporations, and stop injustice. Set to release February 23th 2016.

Surprising for quite a few was Mass Effect Andromeda. Whilst Bioware are not revealing much yet, it is set far away and long past the events of the trilogy, and intends to focus on adventure, team building and exploration. What kind of story they will use to tie this all together is currently unknown, but it is set for release holiday season 2016.

By far and away the biggest moment of E3 so far has been Star Wars Battlefront gameplay, EA showed the demo for the famous Battle for Hoth. The game seems to resemble the Battlefield games in the way it plays on the ground, but the ability to move the battle to walkers and TIE fighters soon changes how the player interacts with objectives. Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker were also revealed as playable characters, bringing back the nostalgia of the old Battlefront games, and tugging on the heartstrings of gamers everywhere. Set to release November 17th 2015.

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