The new accomodation works well, for now

The new accomodation application system seems to be running smoothly, all things considered. Anyone who got an offer, conditional or not, can now pick their preferences online and have the room offered later, therefore ensuring no-one has to dig through the scraps that are left after the system’s crashed for three hours.

It seems students are pickier. While only 16 per cent care about catered rooms, 60 per cent of them claim they want their accomodation to be “premium or above”. 72 per cent of students want ensuites, and it’s therefore no surprise that Alcuin’s the most popular college, with 19 per cent of the applicants, because it’s just basically kind of the best. Also, I’m totally not biased having lived there for a year.
But Heslington East is still less popular than Heslington West, despite the newer accomodation and plethora of ensuites (in fact, Goodricke was the least popular college, with only 9 per cent). It’s probably due to the usual reasons of a lack of facilities and distance. First-years don’t want to have to get a bus to lectures from off-campus. Sweet summer children and all that.

Of course, the big test now is to see whether everybody can get the accomodation they want, especially in the more popular colleges. Only time will tell if the new system’s managed to improve on the old one after all.

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