The Juice Revolution

Image: Alpha Juices

Image: Alpha Juices

The student lifestyle often isn’t the most nutritionally rewarding. Intent on speed and economy, the typical student thrives mostly on the likes of pasta, cheap meat, and pizza. Although we may content ourselves with a banana for breakfast or a tin of chopped tomatoes with dinner, in truth the majority of us don’t eat nearly as many fruits and vegetables as we should. Confronted with a courgette or a stick of celery, we’re at a loss at what to do with it.
George MacGill remembers this point of his life very well.

“After hitting the student lifestyle too hard, there was only so much vodka and pizza that my body could take before it started to fall apart,”

“I felt tired and ill all the time. I rarely touched fruit or veg.” Having assumed juicing to be “hippy nonsense”, he approached it with reluctance, but was surprised at the result. “I was more energetic and healthier than I have ever been.” Inspired, he considered the gap in the market for juice appealing to young people. Thus, Alpha Juices was born: “I called [the business] Alpha because it is Latin for one. That’s the aim of the juices, to make you the best version of yourself by enhancing your health and performance.”
Juicing, in its most natural form, combines the nutrients of fruit and veg into one simple drink with no end of health benefits.“The list ranges from increased focus and energy to giving you a healthy, glowing complexion. They can reduce the effects of hangovers, help with digestion and even menstrual cramps.”

Image: Alpha Juices

Image: Alpha Juices

In particular, high levels of nitrates in beetroot juice have been linked to improved athletic performance, as well as lower blood pressure. With only one in five adults getting their five-a-day, according to the World Cancer Research Fund, MacGill believes that juicing is a definite way forward for the deficient amongst us. “Regular juicing, accompanied with other positive lifestyle changes, could potentially change and save lives.”



The key to a top juice, MacGill says, is “a perfect balance” of the sweetness of the fruit alongside the nutritional denseness of the vegetable. “We like to mix fruit and vegetables that have similar colours to make for the most appealing juice.” Each juice goes through a rigorous taste test before making the grade, which has been tailored for student needs.  The ‘Spartan Juice’ has been “designed to increase endurance and blood flow around the body, as well as focus and concentration.” Named for its transcendental bodily boost, the ‘Green God’ juice is the “most nutrient packed drink to make your body feel amazing” first thing in the morning, and post-workout.

Only sell a product you fully believe in. If you don’t drink or eat it regularly and love it, don’t expect anybody else to.

MacGill lists two criteria he sets as essential to anybody looking to set up a similar business: firstly “find a solution to their problems and the love will follow.” And finally, use criticism constructively to make the product more marketable. He sees a bright future ahead for Alpha Juices: “I want to cause a juice revolution. It’s only a matter of time before the general public realise the power of juice.”

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