College Sport Participation Fee Proposal Announced

At this year’s College Sport AGM, a £10 yearly fee or £20 lifetime fee for participation will be presented to representatives of each College club


IMAGE: York Sport Union

College Sport’s AGM has been scheduled for this Monday, with an agenda including College Sport Colours, the current standings of College Sport and the introduction to the College Sport Officers for next year.

Also on the agenda, and the most pressing issue at this year’s meeting, is the introduction of a College Sports Participation Fee. A presentation will be given and representatives from each College sports team will be asked to vote as to whether they are in favour of the implementation of the fee or not. Details as to why a fee is now necessary are expected to be revealed at the meeting.

The process of establishing the fee has raised some concern, with many not comfortable with having to vote on the matter without time to consider the proposal thoroughly.

Thomas Fennelly and Jamie Summers, Presidents of Constantine College AFC, told Nouse Sport, “This is a major change to the College Sport system and such a huge decision needs a lot of thought. Our issue is not with the proposal but with the way it has been put forward.

The full details on how the membership fees will work are not being disclosed until the presentation, and then we are expected to vote directly after. How can we be expected to make a fully-informed decision straight after we get all the facts? We need time to go back to our respective clubs and reconvene to vote in a few weeks in order gauge where our members stand on the issue.”

Further concerns about the timing of the implementation of a fee were raised on a Facebook page for the AGM. Rob Aitken, College Principal of Constantine, posited the issue of the new College Membership Fee of £30 that will be charged to Freshers as of this year. This, added to any College Sport Participation Fee, could represent a large addition to the significant expense usually incurred during Fresher’s Week, including YUSU events and College socials.

Melissa Turner and Dave Washington, College Sport Officers spoke to Nouse about these concerns and the proposal of the fee in general, “We wholeheartedly acknowledge the concerns that some students have regarding the proposed new sports participation fee, and that is understandable with it bringing about a potentially significant change within College Sport.

Personally we strongly believe that the fee is a necessity and in the best interests of College Sport, and the AGM on Monday is aimed at properly informing our students about the current situation and the thoughts behind the proposed fee, so they can make a well-informed decision based on holding the full array of facts.”

Addressing the specific concerns over the process, Turner and Washington are aware that the weight of the situation may mean that students will require time to reflect and discuss with their clubs before making a decision, commenting, “If people strongly desire an elongation of the process then we are happy to grant that. However we intend to discuss that matter in Monday’s AGM as students thought processes may have changed after the full presentation.”

The College Sport AGM will take place on Monday 16th May at 6pm, and will be held in PL/001. A member from each college club is encouraged to attend to ensure full representation should the vote be carried out the same evening.

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