What do your sunglasses say about you?

Whether you like to flaunt aviators or hide away under a pair of oversized, reveals all

Coming into summer I’m sure many of you, like me, are keeping your eyes peeled for those perfect sunglasses – whether to protect your eyes or to hide the hangover! But have you ever stopped to think about what your choice of sunglasses says about you?


Gold Aviator Sunglasses, £10 at ASOS

Gold aviator sunglasses, £10 at ASOS

There are two possible people you are if you wear aviators:
1) A slick pilot
2) You are ready to chill with your friends for summer. Aviators are a safe choice as pretty much anyone can pull them off but be careful not to pair them with leather boots and some double denim at risk of looking like the bad side of the 80’s.


Fine frame cat eye sunglasses, £10 at ASOS

Fine frame cat eye sunglasses, £10 at ASOS

You spot all the trends as they are coming out and style yourself to look like your fashion icon down to the T. Whether you are going for Kourtney Kardashians or Audrey Hepburn’s look you are likely to love the sleek stylish fashion that both these icons adopt you always look stylish if you are going for lunch or just popping to the shop.


Monki Vicky Round sunglasses, £10 at ASOS

Monki Vicky Round sunglasses, £10 at ASOS

Like the cat-eyes you are a big fashion lover! You take a more chilled approach to fashion; you are more likely to be caught wearing mom jeans than a pencil skirt. Whether you go for the ultra colourful option as shown above or the slightly down toned black frames, you are ready to walk through town and let everyone know you are on top of the trends.


Oversized 70’s sunglasses, £10 at ASOS

Oversized 70’s sunglasses, £10 at ASOS

These are definitely the sunglasses to hide a hangover as they cover half your face! These sunglasses are hard to pull off because if you are not careful they can make you look like a bug. However when you can pull them off you tend to match them with a maxi skirt and sandals.

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