YourCafe aims to cut waste and feed those in need

Some people say that Britain has a problem with wasting food, given that we throw away 15 million tonnes of it every year. But at the same time, the Trussell Trust (the UK’s largest network of food banks) has handed out over 900,000 boxes of emergency food in the last 12 months to families in dire need of it. Now, a new temporary cafe in York has decided to attempt to solve this problem once and for all.

YourCafe intends to “intercept” good food being sent to the landfill – much of which is disposed of for failing to meet supermarkets’ aesthetic standards – and then turn it into healthy meals such as soups, cakes and salads. They plan to run a trial period of six weeks to gauge public interest, opening on the 29th April at Tang Hall Community Centre, before possibly opening a permanent café if it’s successful.

Their aims are to address “food waste, food poverty and social isolation”. It’s an excellent way to get food to people who need it, while making sure that food that can be eaten, ultimately, is. Plus, it’s “Pay As You Feel” – you can offer as much money as you think the food is worth, or as much as you have, which means everyone has an opportunity to benefit.

Overall, YourCafe seems like an interesting venture. Provided the food’s fresh and well-prepared, it could help our community massively, and provide good, healthy meals to those who particularly need them.


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