You were a hoax to me. I stretched the stars for you
To raise forth your name, and from a shadow’s pulse beside you
I painted the night-sky, and from this cracked canvas I yearn.
Just what a hoax you were. Mellifluous murmurs,

Thundered down from angels, screamed in infernal, perfect words;
And raised a sea of ashes. What a hoax you were.
You don’t deserve these burning songs of sunless praise –
And do not, with your cold incantations, swoop down to say;

“It was a drunken pull.” Sometimes I see your face,
You flutter a glare of half-recognition, and soft grace
Gushes from your Blank. It was only last term
You tongued me in the Robert Burns! Oh what a hoax you were!
(Can’t you smile before you fade without a trace?)

The lonely night alights its trembling dreams – and, were,
I conscious, breathing, I’d see just what a hoax I’d served
As every Earth throngs in silence, leave-strewn – the hazy shade
Redresses the eternal rushes of strangling Rage.

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