New campaign set to tackle sexual assault

Videos highlighting the ‘singular abnormality’ of sexual assault and harassment will be filmed as part of the campaign

Students at the University of York have launched a campaign in partnership with FemSoc and Women’s Network to address sexual harassment and assaults on nights out.

Image: Women's Network

Image: Women’s Network

As part of the campaign, called ‘Your Night, Your Right’, a series of videos will be filmed. These will include scenes depicting the type of assault that happens on nights out occurring during the daytime instead.

It is hoped this will create a “very powerful visual impression” and “expose [the] singular abnormality” and seriousness of assault.

People will also be given the opportunity to have their experiences of sexual assault posted on a blog.

Sally Sadik, the student spearheading the campaign, told Nouse: “We’ve already been sent so many accounts of assault. Honestly, I think people reading them will be shocked to see the extent [of it], and hopefully it can provide a place for survivors to share their experiences.

“Essentially, we want people to realise that it is their night, and by spreading awareness of how we can’t accept that it’s just ‘normal’ and ‘accepted’ we can change things!”

The campaign was expected to go live on social media on Monday.

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