Fourteen complaints received about campus accommodation

The most common complaint was about a lack of heating or hot water

A Freedom of Information request has revealed that fourteen formal complaints have been received by Accommodation Services since the start of the academic year.

Image: Nouse

Image: Nouse

The most common type of complaint was about a lack of heating or hot water. Other complaints included Wi-Fi coverage, leaks, noise disturbances and power outages.

The highest number of complaints were made about the accommodation in Derwent, while there were none received about Langwith and Wentworth.

Half of the individual complainants were offered compensation by Accommodation Services.

Three sets of complainants appealed the decision reached by Accommodation Services regarding their complaints.

Of these appeals, one was rejected and two had their compensation offers increased.

Last year saw 19 complaints being made, with four being made about both Derwent and Halifax accommodation.

Most complaints in 2013/2014 concerned general maintenance, although there was one complaint about a pest infestation. Ten complaints resulted in offers of compensation.

A third-year James College student said that during his time in “the infamous N-block”, “occasionally, when it rained, water would soak through my friend’s carpet”.

The student added: “Twenty of us were expected to share a kitchen. We were in catered accommodation, but it was chaotic at lunch times and on week-ends. It’s just not feasible to share a kitchen with that number of people.”

There were appeals from three groups of students last year, one of which succeeded in securing a larger sum.

A University of York spokesperson told Nouse: “We try to handle any issues that arise informally with residents. However, where the student does not feel this is satisfactory then they have the right to initiate the complaints procedure under their terms of residence.”

The spokesperson added: “In assessing complaints, the Accommodation Office considers a number of factors including the severity, length of impacts/disruption, communication and mitigation efforts.

“If a student does not agree with Accommodation Office’s findings they have the right to ask for the complaint to be reviewed.”


  1. Frankly I liked my house – the walls stayed where they were and the roof was rarely up to anything devious.

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  2. Must be a slow Nouse day.

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  3. I personally found the habitat on the campus more than suitable for my needs. There was lots of algae to eat, water to splash in, and other ducks for me to be friends with.

    Zofia, third year English literature and history student.

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