Constantine College vote of no confidence successful at committee stage

Constantine College Student Association has successfully passed a vote of no confidence against Usman Khan

After a vote of no confidence was submitted against Usman Khan on March 28, which led to his temporary suspension, Khan has been voted out of his position as Chair of Constantine College Student Association following a majority vote in favour of his removal at a committee meeting last night.

Image: Constantine College

Image: Constantine College

Sam Price, Vice-President of Constantine College chaired the meeting in which members of the CSA voted on “whether to remove the Officer in question from their role and from the Committee (para 7.4.4). The vote of no confidence came after an email was sent out to several members of Constantine College encouraging them to sign a vote of no confidence against Khan.

According to the Constantine College constitution, a vote of no confidence can be considered under the condition that a petition signed by five of the college’s committee or fifteen ordinary members is submitted. Once a vote of no confidence is submitted the person can no longer undertake the duties associated with the role until a Constantine College committee meeting has taken place.

As the vote of no confidence was successful at committee level, the position of chair is now considered empty and re-elections will be held next Wednesday at which Khan is able to re-run.

It is said that over eighty people attended the meeting last night, however at this stage only the committee had the power to vote.

In a statement posted on Facebook this morning Khan wrote: “Thank you to everyone who came to the meeting yesterday at 8pm in the Constantine Forum. Unfortunately, the committee vote was not in favour. This is the first part of a two-step process. In the second step, the full college gets a vote.

May I request you to come to the second stage meeting on Wednesday, 29th April at 8pm also in the Constantine Forum. You will have full speaking and voting rights.

We can have an excellent environment where we work with everyone to ensure that the entire College and University community benefits and we lay the groundwork to produce the leaders, entrepreneurs, experts and visionaries of tomorrow. Let’s work together to make this a reality.”

The CSA has not yet released a statement.


  1. The coverage of this story by both students newspapers is aunbelievably poor. It is impossible to figure out what is the cinflict about and what those who moved to remove the CCSA president offered as a justification. Nouse and vision made no effort to try to figure out what is hapenning (i.e. there is actually no journalism here) by talking to committee members or their friends or a range of college members in confidence… The information in the article is also just confusing – the quote suggests that there isa second stage of no confidence process that is still to take place whereas text elsewhere suggests tgat the process is completed. Which one is it?

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    • This is such a messy situation it would take any journalist no matter how qualified at least a year to figure out what the hell is going on…all we do know is Usman is long from dead #YESWEKHAN

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    • 26 Apr ’15 at 1:07 pm


      Basically it is a two-stage process.

      If a vote is triggered the committee initially decides. After that, the result can be appealed, either by the person in question, or by someone on the committee. If this happens then the vote will go to an open meeting.

      Usman has appealed so the vote will be done in an open meeting which is next Wednesday.

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  2. 27 Apr ’15 at 10:30 pm


    what a lousy article, why did they vote him out?! surely there was a reason.

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