New survey lists York as one of the unsafest places to be a student

The rankings were based on the number of recorded crimes per thousand residents

The city of York has been ranked the ninth most dangerous place to be a student by a new survey.

Image: Paul Simpson

Image: Paul Simpson

The survey, conducted by, draws upon research into 64 towns and cities across England and Wales.

It focused upon areas of high student occupancy, where 535,468 crimes were recorded between February 2014 and January 2015, to show how likely students are to be exposed to crime.

According to, 387.4 crimes per 1000 residents were recorded in areas of high student occupancy in York in 2014.

In comparison, in Brighton, which ranked the most dangerous place to be a student, there were 829.4 crimes recorded per 1000 residents.

Egham was deemed to be the safest place to be a student, followed by High Wycombe and Bath respectively. There were 56.6 crimes per thousand residents recorded in Egham in 2014.

These statistics include recorded crime involving non-students as well as students.

Despite York’s high ranking, the city has previously been named the safest place in the world for short-break tourists.

Only one per cent of the 2075 participants of this survey considered York a risky tourist destination.


  1. 21 Apr ’15 at 3:10 pm

    Jane Grenville

    That’s an interesting statistic from I wonder where they got it from? If you go to the North Yorkshire Police pages you see that they record the crime rate for 2014 as 55.82 per 1000 residents. Quite a discrepancy, but then, there are lies, damn lies and statistics, as we all know. Which is likely to be nearest the truth?

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    • If that’s really Jane Grenville, perhaps your time might be better spent actually trying to do your job, rather than commenting on nouse articles.

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  2. “unsafest” are you joking

    “least safe” maybe?

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