LFW AW15 Highlights: HEMYCA

We caught up designers Helen Clinch and Myra Nigris to find out more about their latest collection, DECRYPT

HEMYCA’s latest collection, DECRYPT, was on display in the elegant ME London hotel’s cavernous, underground chamber. Models stood strong and poised on podiums around the room, complemented by a video backdrop and music from the singer, Judith Hill.

Designers Helen Clinch and Myra Nigris explain they wanted the theme of empowerment to run deep through the collection, and when questioned on their choice of artist they responded: “She’s an empowered woman herself, so we got in touch with her. She really loved the brand and loved the concept. It was really exciting to have her. She’s just about to go on tour with Prince, and Prince was tweeting us, so it was really nice to have their support.”

Image: Fiona Hill

Image: Fiona Hill

The collection was inspired by the numerous messages that are coded in society, forced upon the public through platforms such as social media. The pair felt strongly about how we are constantly being given messages about how we should look  and how we should behave. “We wanted to show through the clothes that actually, you can just be yourself,” they told us.

It’s really about fighting to exist and finding your voice

The collection is, ultimately, a celebration of empowerment. The garments are individually named after the inspiring women who worked at Bletchley Park during the war effort, decoding messages through the enigma machine. Helen and Myra stress she was, “A scientific, brilliant-minded women, and that’s who we’re celebrating. We translated this concept into the clothing.”

Image: Fiona Hill

Image: Fiona Hill

“You have to find out what is important to you,” the designers assert. “Learn how to ‘switch off’ from all of these coded messages and say, ‘these are the things that I want in my life, and the rest I’m going to ignore’. It’s really about fighting to exist and finding your voice.”

They go on to explain the collection features clean, fitted silhouettes, alongside striking checkered patterns. The colour palette, which includes strong colours such as ox-blood, greys and monochrome, looks to reflect the “darker elements” of society.

The duo used a wide range of mixed fabrics, including leather, silk and wool, put together in unusual ways in order to reflect the belief that we do not need to conform to the conventional rules set out in society.

One fabric in particular, they note, is a mixture of red and black, combined in a way that makes it look pixelated and broken. “It shows how we can break up and put back together the messages that are coded in society, in ways that reflect who we want to be. We don’t need to strive for established perfection, that is shown in the fabric and the mismatched hems of the skirts.”

The presentation was also attended by Ferne McCann, star of hit ITV show, The Only Way Is Essex. Speaking about the collection, Ferne said she enjoyed the great atmosphere, as well as the “strong colours” and “easy-breezy nature of the designs.”

TOWIE star Ferne McCann makes an appearance. Image: Fiona Hill

TOWIE star Ferne McCann makes an appearance. Image: Fiona Hill

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