TV Review: The Walking Dead Series 5 Episode 14: ‘Spend’

Is this the most gruesome death ever on The Walking Dead? reviews a tense episode

The Walking Dead Episode 14


This review contains spoilers


The peace and tranquillity of the past few episodes ends this week, with probably the most gruesome death in the show’s history! What’s worse than being trapped in a revolving door, surrounded by walkers? Being trapped in a revolving door and watching them drag your friend out and then slowly begin to tear him apart right in front of your face! Watching Noah die like this was a traumatic experience that felt like it was never going to end. The worst part is that the cowardly Alexandrian who caused his death, Nicholas, is still alive! Just as he was beginning to plan out his future in Alexandria, he was taken away from us in the most horrific way. Even though he had only been on the show for 10 episodes, we had seen him go through some pretty intense moments. From being with Beth in Grady Hospital to visiting his home to find that everyone was dead, Noah had plucked at our heartstrings. Now he’s gone and Alexandria is in for a storm once Glenn gets back to spread the word!

Line of the week: Satan – he disguises himself as the Angel of Light. I’m afraid that false light is here, inside these walls. – Father Gabriel

The people of Alexandria are becoming more and more detestable with each episode. Obviously, Nicholas proves to be a shining example of that fact, but he’s not the only character that many fans are dying to see meet their untimely demise. In the case of Jessie’s husband Pete, we might not have to wait too long. Throughout the course of the episode it becomes pretty clear that he has been abusing her and her sons, leading Carol to tell Rick directly that he has to kill him for things to get better. She’s been through an abusive relationship and knows all of the signs. Why else would Sam be bothering her to make him some cookies, even after she had threatened to essentially feed him to the walkers? He’s clearly trying to avoid something at home and has found a distraction in pestering Carol. As if Rick didn’t already want Pete out of the picture so that he could be with Jessie, now, after finding out that he had been abusing her and her children, Pete has no hope of seeing the end of the season!

However, it isn’t only the people of Alexandria that have shown their true colours in this episode. It has been clear from the beginning that Father Gabriel is a selfish coward, but after betraying his group and telling Dianna that they are bad people, he has definitely reached a new low! Coming from the guy who locked his entire congregation out of his church and let them all die, criticising the others for having “done things” to survive is highly ironic. It’s not like they haven’t saved him and others from a pack of cannibals as well as countless walkers or anything. I mean, thanks to his cowardice, Bob got bitten in the flooded store! His betrayal has probably come at a really unfortunate time. Glenn is about to return after losing Deanna’s son Aiden (as well as Noah), Abraham has just gained a position of power within the construction crew, and Rick is most likely about to kill Pete. Conflict is on the horizon, and my money is on Rick having to initiate a complete takeover of Alexandria.

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