TV Review: The Walking Dead Series 5 Episode 12: ‘Remember’

The group, and , are wondering if it’s safe in Alexandria in this week’s The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Episode 12


This review contains spoilers


This week’s slower paced episode focuses entirely upon the group’s adjustment to Alexandria. The characters are taking the change very differently, as would be expected of any group of survivors who had been flung straight back into civilisation. The group all have separate priorities, ranging from Glenn who thinks that they really need to “make this work”, since were “almost out there too long”, to Daryl who downright refuses to even take a shower.

Line of the week: We won’t get weak. That’s not in us anymore. We’ll make it work. If they can’t make it, then we’ll just take this place. – Rick

The most interesting course of action taken by any of the characters upon arriving at Alexandria has to be Carol’s. At first, I was extremely confused as to why she was saying that she missed her husband Ed, who we all know was abusive to her, when she was being interviewed by the community’s leader Deanna. I was worried that the writers were going to turn her back into a maternal and weak character again upon her return to civilisation. Then it hit me – she was doing this to deceive them and make herself seem inconspicuous. We all know how Carol essentially single-handedly brought down Terminus to rescue her friends, and if she makes herself seem harmless here, she’ll be in a great position to do something similar if necessary.

That being said, she isn’t alone in looking out for the group this time. Rick also has a plan up his sleeve for if all isn’t quite what it seems – a potential takeover of Alexandria if its population isn’t strong enough to survive. He has already seen signs of their weakness – that’s why he warns them that they should keep their gates closed. The inhabitants are too trusting for their own good and too relaxed for the world that they live, and they have no idea about strategy when they’re outside. It isn’t looking good for them. Rick knows that he’s found somewhere structurally safe to be, but it isn’t simply a case of having strong walls anymore. Your people have to be able to survive; they cannot forget what danger lurks outside.

There are also signs that it won’t be long before Rick’s hypothesis is tested. The mysterious young girl Enid, another person from the outside, was seen scaling the walls and disappearing off into the woods. Why would somebody do that? Most likely, she has another group on the outside who are plotting to take Alexandria. Like Carol, maybe she is deceiving the people of Alexandria by pretending to be harmless and relaying information to her group on the outside – including that they have let in a new group of strong outsiders. She’s definitely one to watch.


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