Library by Night – An Evocation

Resident poet paints vignettes of the library by night with a nod to Paul Verlaine

Image: Harriet Cheshire

Image: Harriet Cheshire

Stumbling within a stressful trance,
A few students flutter by and glance
(At) Library-Watchmen in their caffeinated dance
Silent as this strident moon.

John, gazing through the willow’s shadowed fronds
Bursts into a tired, wailing song,
“Only 3000 words to go, not long!”
He’ll do that essay, very soon.

And Will and Alex are into passion delving
Bound together within the area for Re-Shelving
While engulfed, the watchman catches them. He’s yelling:
“What, no studious buzz in there!”

And Phil takes the last of his modafinil,
Wandering through a dream, alert, until
A come-down surges ‘gainst his ailing will
And sleep sends her omnisc’ent stare.

And now, amid the section of Philosophy,
Not a human soul is awake to see
Ancient wisdom arranged so lavishly
Except that guy who’s always there.

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