Pangaea – The World As One

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Mythology. Image: Andrew Griffiths

World Fashion. Image: Andrew Griffiths

World Fashion. Image: Andrew Griffiths

World Fashion. Image: Andrew Griffiths

Sports. Image: Andrew Griffiths

Underground. Image: Andrew Griffiths

Underground. Image: Andrew Griffiths

Bridal. Image: Andrew Griffiths

Bridal. Image: Andrew Griffiths

Pangaea's epic finale. Image: Andrew Griffiths

‘Pangaea’ is just about the most fitting name possible for the show combining dance, fashion and music put together for FUSION’s annual performance in Central Hall. Other words like ‘plethora’ and ‘cornucopia’ spring to mind to describe the society’s performances which included street, ballet, tap and contemporary dances, complete by a stunning salsa duet from dancers Callum Slinger and Isabel Hawkins. The show was also studded by catwalks showcasing clothes for all seasons and from all corners of the globe, rounded off by a collection of beautiful a capella performances and a thought-provoking spoken word piece.

White, gold and scarlet dominated a gorgeous section staged as a scene from Ancient Greece for the ‘Mythology’ section. Mid-length white dresses with metallic embroidery were a demure nod to the approaching summer while mini dresses in hot pink, glittering khaki, and audacious prints made up the ‘World Fashion’  section that preceded ‘Sports Fashion’. A more casual, clubbing themed catwalk entitled ‘Underground’ consisted of black body cons and sky high heels. The stand out piece of this section was an amazing oversized denim jacket, very cool but warm enough and practical for the transition into Spring when worn over black leggings and tan suede platforms.

The fashion finale and my favourite – an out and out crowd-pleaser – was ‘Wedding Fashion’, which constituted a collaboration of Brides of York with an Indian twist. Jewel tones, lush satin tunics and glittering saris swirled around the dancing models who put on a show that was as much a comedy sketch as a catwalk, inducing big laughs from a delighted audience.

– Dhechen Lama

Pangaea was a show to remember, bringing together the many cultures of the world through dance, music and fashion. The environment of the show was enchanting right from the beginning. A lot of thought and effort had been taken in order to put up a fantastic performance and needless to say, the whole team delivered to perfection. The four catwalk sections focused upon fashion within different cultures, simultaneously mirroring some of the trends emerging for Spring.

The first fashion section was titled ‘Mythology’. Standing true to its name, it incorporated outfits inspired by Ancient Greece, bringing about the beauty of fashion through a theatrical lens. Most of the outfits were white and reflected the genre perfectly. To contrast the pure white, there were some pleasant surprises in the use of electric blue and gold in some of the outfits. The girls were wearing headbands and flowers in their hair, reflecting the concept of the section and a timeless style.

Other surprises came in the ‘World Fashion’ section, which comprised of an array of outfits that emulated the merge of different cultures. Trends such as coloured suede, high necklines and apron skirts adorned the runway. These distinctive styles are a key trend in the lead up to Spring as demonstrated by the likes of Chloé, Carven and Alexander McQueen.

The next catwalk show, ‘Sports’, thrilled its audience through a performance to the popular track from Rocky – ‘Gonna Fly Now’. The section was probably one of the most significant fashion moments in Pangaea as it embraced the trend of sporty minimalism. Although athletic influences have appeared time and time again on runways, they’re back with a bang for Spring 2015. Top designers are sporting wrist bands, zipper pulls and drawstrings as part of their ensemble this season. Pangaea’s sports section features a congenial mix between bursts of colour and all black clothing, with the use of particularly striking statement stripes. Other impressive facets of the fashion-related performances included tributes to off-shoulder styles and the incorporation of leather.

Overall, the show was a complete hit with the audience who appeared thrilled with its execution. Pangaea was absolutely true to its title. It successfully portrayed “the world as one” and did so in a brilliant manner. It took out barriers of global cultures and turned them into a beautiful entity through the artistry of dance, fashion and music.

-Shahreen Vacha

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