Candidates for 2015 YUSU elections revealed

There are five candidates running for YUSU President in this year’s elections

Image: YUSU

Image: YUSU

The list of candidates running in this year’s YUSU elections has been announced, with five candidates running for YUSU President.

Over the next four weeks, Nouse will be bringing you all the latest elections news and analysis on our elections mini-site, including live coverage of the Full Time Officers’ Debate on Tuesday 17th February (Week 7) and Results Night on Friday 27th February (Week Eight).

Full manifestos will be released tomorrow on the YUSU website and campaigning will start next week. Voting opens on Monday 23rd February (Week 8).

Full List of Candidates

YUSU President
Ben Leatham
Ron Weasley
George Balmford
Ollie Rowley
Samuel Bourne

Academic Officer
Hannah Pinsent
Tom Clark
Thomas Ron
Reza Danesh-Azari
Sean Pullen

Student Activities Officer
Leena Rivas
Chris Wall
Rafaela Oplopoiou
Loussin-Torah Pilikian
Emma Smith

Welfare and Community Officer
Scott Dawson
Edi Adegbola
Anna Cook

York Sport President
Ellie Whittaker
Grace Clarke
Tiarnan Cotter
Dave Washington

BME Officer
Tamaki Laycock and Elizabeth Ogenyi
Aquib Hussain and Yousef Jumah
Maria Munir
Ruth Maku

Disabled Students’ Officer
Zohra Khan

Environment and Ethics Officer
Tess Parker and Jacob Webb
Denis Farrer and Shaquile Noor

International Officer
Roberto Avelar and Olivia May Grütter
Danai Theodoraki and Paraskevi Moutsipai
Ilyas Sliti and Richard Osho

LGBTQ Officer
Ashley Reed
Liam O’Brien and Dom Smithies
Evie Brill and Jack Chadwick
Andy Macauley

RAG Officer
Isobel Wisher
Anand Goyal and Michelle Lee
Hannah Geddes

Volunteering Officer
Faye Astin and Becky Longbottom

Women’s Officer
Ananna Zaman and Katie Mellor

NUS Delegate
Sean Pullen
Caleb Riley
Beth Curtis
William Hornett
Callum Shannon
Habib Nassar
Stuart Maule
Henry Hale
Chris Wall
Jemima Busby
Nourhan Nassar

Policy Coordinator
Callum Furness

Senate Rep
Faisal Hamza

Student Trustee
Benjamin Roach
Jack Chadwick


  1. Ron f**kin’ Weasley?

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  2. Is there actually a registered student called Ron Weasley?

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  3. 9 Feb ’15 at 11:34 pm

    No more broken promises

    Jason Rose?

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  4. 10 Feb ’15 at 2:56 am

    The Apathetic Voter.

    *Cue a certain individual kicking up a stink about there being not enough female candidates.*

    2015, round 3.

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  5. You know what makes these elections 10 times more amusing? Watching the election manifesto videos and playing the German national anthem in the background.

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  6. Tron would be amazing at the job, lol lol lol lol lol lol

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