Steps taken to reduce delayed exam notices

The University will tackle issues raised during the last exam period

The University is reinforcing measures to ensure that communication errors made during last year’s exams are not repeated.

Image: Nouse

Image: Nouse

Several university exam papers contained mistakes during the last exam season. For example, there were several errors in an Economics paper.

While the majority of students were informed of these mistakes, some students who were seated in separate locations were not informed until later.

To prevent this from happening again, all reports of senior invigilators will be checked alongside reports of invigilators from rooms where students did their exams separately.

This will ensure that any mistakes are known about and all students are informed as soon as possible.

David Sissons, Course Representative for Economics and Related Studies, said: “[During the] last exam period there were a few cases where messages and information were not relayed to all students taking an exam.

Thomas Ron, Disabled Students Officer, has welcomed these measures saying “I am very happy the University has been so proactive in ensuring the regrettable instances of last year are not repeated.  Hopefully this will work to ensure all students have a level playing field.”

“This was reported as soon as possible, time will tell if the measures put in place will be sufficient and it will be inexcusable if the January exams have similar problems.” George Offer, Academic Officer, told Nouse: “This was not a widespread issue and affected only a tiny number of students. However it’s great that the University are just as keen as we are to ensure fairness for all students no matter what their exam arrangements are.”

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